Gentle Giant Clone Trooper Exclusive


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Gentle Giant Studios is offering a summer convention exclusive mini bust, and a chance for a lucky fan to get "cloned" by their laser scanning equipment. The company is known for producing incredibly detailed sculpted pieces derived from exacting computer data gathered from their laser scanners. Their line of Star Wars mini busts are accurate depictions of heroes and villains of the saga, including a recent deluxe line assortment of clone troopers of various ranks.
Gentle Giant will produce a clone trooper lieutenant with blue rank stripes as a summer 2003 convention exclusive, available at San Diego Comic-Con International and WizardWorld Chicago. The blue trooper mini bust varies from the other troopers in that it won't have interchangeable parts, but it will be priced lower to reflect this. The trooper is limited to only 1,000 pieces and will only be available at these two conventions.
Attendees at Comic-Con will have a change to "get cloned." One lucky edition number from all the blue clone trooper mini busts sold at the show will be drawn at random on Comic-Con's final day. The owner of that bust will be scanned by Gentle Giant, and will receive a one-of-a-kind clone trooper mini-bust with his or her head atop the standard body.


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hey.. i'll be at comic-con... if they will let people buy multiple clonetrooper busts, i can help hook people up, and get multiple entries for the get-scanned contest...