E2 Celebration Figure??


New Recruit
According to Rebelscum this figure will be a POTJ X-Wing Luke. It may have a new head sculpt and will come packed with a Micro Machines X-Wing.
I want to know what you think about this and are you happy with the selection for the exclusive figure.
I am not to pleased with this. I would much rather have a George Lucas, E2 preview figure, or obscure figure that would most likely never have a chance of being made.
But, what do you think?


errr...another bucky luke... why couldnt they give us ANOTHER luke jedi in special packaging... I know the openers would be annoyed, but Id rather see a new sculpt of an old favorite.


New Recruit
I'm with you, Talon...

....it certainly is'nt worth the price of a plane ticket to Indianapolis...(not that there's anything WRONG with Indianapolis:))

Seriously, I would have preferred something special from Epsiode II, like an alternate version of a core character that won't be available carded. We know Padme Amidala is going to be a clothes horse again, so the possibilites are endless....