Are you needing these?

Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord
Not sure if any one is still needing these but my local Toyworld has these on sale . If you need them contact me and we'll work out a trade

Saga Spider Droid
Super Battle Droid Builder

Darth Tyranus
Mace Windu
Anakins speeder bike
Dookus Speeder



Jedi Daniel

Geek Jedi
Ok no worries. Thanks for checking. Yeah already got Dooku and Speeder Bike, which was lucky because it was the only one left in store.

Darth Aussie

Australian Sith Lord

1 Dooku Speeder left

3 Mace Unleashed
4 Tyranus Unleashed

fair stocks of SBD and Spider droid left...

han solo

Friend of a Wookie
Hey Darth aussie,
I do still need a mace unleashed and tyrannus. Is there anything else you need for a trade?
Thanks for any help!