5th Anniversary Giveaway #1


Sith Hamsters Handler
rogueace2000 said:
Too hot in those dang suits to be a Sandtrooper.

That is the beauty of the Beachtropper. Their uniforms are bermuda shorts. :) Just relaxing in the observation post looking for any rebel activities in the beach.

Also, Surf Troppers can come to some of our beaches to gives us support.


New Recruit
I'd have to go for either Scout trooper or TIE pilot, since I'm currently working on both costumes for my 501st application! :D

That or someone from the generic jumpsuit brigade. Or a Death Star Gunner.


New Recruit
I would be a black clone commando with commander status trained as an arc with a dc-15 and dc-17 blaster. My visor would be orange and would have a Clone helmet. Chances that would happen is slim but the outcome would be cool.:D