2010 Pre-Christmas Giveaway #3

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wookiee_cookiee;87796 said:
What creature in the Star Wars Universe would you like for a sidekick?

[CHEAT] Not really a creature, but I've always been partial to Imperial Probots. Analytical, dedicated, and heavilly armed. [/CHEAT]

If this is restricted to life-forms, let's say 'Jawa'. That way I can still end up with my Probot. :cool:
I think chewykingwookie should be disqualified for attempting to run a competitive Star Wars site. Stealing from another site is just not cool. KIDDING!!! :D

Congrats Jorge!


Junior Spy
Thank you TBS and wookiee_cookiee. I needed to get these again after my son destroyed them. Never let a young padawan play with bobble heads their heads will roll.

Mr Jeffery I will have words with you later my friend. lol
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