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Matthew Wood is by career a Sound Editor. His early work as a game tester for LucasArts quickly moved him to editing roles on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Since then he’s worked on numerous television and film projects, including Con Air, Armageddon, The 13th Warrior, Titan A.E.. Munich and Zoom. Along the way he worked on all three Star Wars prequels as a Supervising Sound Editor. He’s also appeared on film in several films playing various background characters. He’s also lent his talents to some Star Wars roles. In The Phantom Menace, he played Bib Fortuna (a role also played by Alan Ruscoe), and voiced podracer Ody Mandrell. In Attack of the Clones he voiced Magaloof and Seboca….the air-taxi driver and passenger the Jedi nearly collide with. Lastly, he voiced General Grievous in Revenge of the Sith….a role he is rumored to be reprising for the upcoming animated series.

You can check out Mr. Wood’s IMDB page here: http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0003214/

Starting with Celebration III, Matthew Wood has been making the convention circuits, always friendly and signing for fans. I’ve heard little about through-the-mail results…positive or negative. However, Lucasfilm mail almost always gets to the correct person, as long as they still work with Lucasfilm. Hopefully some results will turn up in the near future.

Matthew Wood
c/o Lucasfilm
P.O. Box 2459
San Rafael, CA 94912

Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.


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WAHOOOOO!!!! I can't believe it, but after waiting over two years for a reply, I just received a signed MasterPix photo from Matt Wood today!!! He also signed the trading card I sent him, and added 5 cents postage because of postage increases over the years.

I got proof today not to give up on anyone! Sent letter via Lucasfilm Animation in Nicasio. :D

Good luck to everyone who requested - I anticipate he's working on a bunch of fan mail right now!!


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wow. after 1.5 years i received my success from him. was sent to skywalker sound. return from, it seems, his own address. he also included his own cards that he signed to me as well.


Well I received an awesome shocker Yesterday! :eek: My Matthew Wood & Ben Burtt items were in my mailbox today after a 914 & 762 day wait!! :eek: I sent Matthew a request on December 15th 2005 & I asked if he could get Ben to sign one of the photos as well. :D Then I waited until May 16th 2006 & I sent another request, because I figured the first one got lost or something. So then I waited and waited some more then gave up hope of ever hearing from either of them. :( Then POOF! Both requests show up today in my first SASE!! :D One 8x10 photo was signed by Matt with a “Crush them!” quote & Ben had put “May the force of sound be with you!” on the second 8x10!! Matt had also personalized and signed the 4 ROTS cards that I had sent in my second request & had added the character name “General Grievous” to all of them!! :D They were all dated 6-7-08. I’m very happy that I finally got these back! :D The success is now the longest I’ve ever waited for a reply! :eek:

Thanks Ben & Matt!! :D The address I sent to is for the old ILM building, so I’m putting the new address instead. ;)


Matthew Wood 8x10:

Ben Burtt 8x10:

Matthew Wood ROTS WV cards (15, 19, 33, 40)

Sent: December 15th 2005 & May 16th 2006
Replied: June 16th 2008
Days Taken: 914 days & 762 days!!

Address Used:

Mr. Matthew Wood



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quite a long wait on this one, but it came back yesterday .....


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Awesome AmShak! :eek: They look fantastic!! I love the design of those photos! :D I use them all the time as you might have noticed! :D


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Very nice success, sent four photos, letter, SAE and $ for postage. I received all four back signed and inscribed, very happy! Thank you!!


nice! Matthew is totally cool for his fans. :D I'm glad he's signing more regularly now. I had to wait almost two years! :eek:



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Got my 3 4x6 photos back signed, perosnalized, and dated. Took about a month and a half. He used my SASE. :)


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If I remember right, I used

Matthew Wood
Industrial Light & Magic
P.O. Box 29909
San Francisco, CA 94129-0909