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Mr. Freeborn has a most impressive career as a make-up effects artist. His credits are too numerous to even highlight, but some of the more recognizable films skiimmed off the top are Dr. Strangelove, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Alice in Wonderland, Superman (I, II, and III), and all three classic Star Wars movies. For The Empire Strikes Back, Mr. Freeborn was involved in creature design and created the final look of Yoda in the flesh. As a side note, Mr. Freeborn's wife, Kay, is also a make-up artist and was invloved in many of the projects he worked on, including all three Star Wars movies, and 2001. Also of interest, their son, Graham Freeborn, is in the same field and was involved in all three movies as well.

You can check out Mr. Freeborn's IMDB filmography here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0293084/

For an interesting article on Mr. Freeborn and Yoda, visit: http://www.bbc.co.uk/southerncounties/community/strange_south/star_wars/yoda.shtml

Mr. Freeborn is another "new" signer. He seems willing to sign items and in record time. In addtion, his wife will sign items as well, so could can sneak in a double-request. I'm definitley sending out this request ASAP. This is not one to pass up.

Stuart Freeborn
c/o Rectory Garden,
Church Lane,
Cranleigh GU6 7AP
United Kingdom

Should any celebrity wish their address not posted, please contact myself (darthskelington) or any site staff member and it will be removed immediately.

Above image found at Yoda Jeff's Yoda Page :) www.yodajeff.com


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Re: TBS Autograph Project 061 - Stuart Freeborn (Yoda sculptor)

I received a response today...in only 15 days! Mr. and Mrs. Freeborn each signed and personalized an index card to me. :D I sent those, a letter a trading card, and 1 sase. My trading card was also returned...unsigned. It wasn't one featuring Mr. Freeborn, although I only asked them to spare time to sign one item, so I got what asked for. :)

I would highly recommend trying to get these autographs while you still can.


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Re: TBS Autograph Project 061 - Stuart Freeborn (Yoda sculptor)

Wow, that has to be the quickest overseas success I've ever had.

Today I got back my two 8x10 signed and personalized by Mr. Freeborn. Talk about diligent - one of the 8x10s I made with two stills of him from the SW DVD set supplimental shots and he signed and personalized each still.

Good success!

Photos on my site.
Re: TBS Autograph Project 061 - Stuart Freeborn (Yoda sculptor)

I was cheeky enough to write to Mr Freeborn twice earlier this year, the first time getting a double signed pic of him and his wife, Kay, and the second getting a pic of each of them signed. The first request took 4 days and the second just 2 days:

Got Mr.Freeborn today,also and his wife:p

Signed 2 vintage trading cards, 2 ccg cards,1 index card and a 5x7 photo card.Awesome success!!!:D


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they each signed the photos that i sent for each of them.

24 days


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Got my Stuart Freeborn autographs back on: January 8th 2007!! I asked Mr. & Mrs. Freeborn both to sign my cards but only
Stuart signed them. From what I can tell, it looks like he signed a blank sticky label and cut the autograph out and stuck
that on the Widevision cards. I also sent him a little card telling him about my fan-made website. he signed that too.
My SASE was used. Great success!





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I too got a success from both Mr. and Mrs. Freeborn. Such class and dignity these two have not including the mounds of talent! Each signed one photo and they both dual signed another. Same address as above.


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I received a fantastic result today from Mr. & Mrs Freeborn with an unexpected bonus!
I sent a photo and 2 widevision cards asking if they could both sign them which they graciously did. They also both signed my photo but to my amazement and joy, it had also been signed by their son Graham Freeborn!


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i thought Graham died years ago (1986 in an accident). Before you write HIM and thank him, I think you need to make sure ....


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PS if you look at the writing you'll notice it looks like Kay's handwriting. My guess is she signed this so that you knew who the other person was in the photo (just telling you who it it; it's not an acutal sig by the son). Nice photo though none-the-less.


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That's tragic! I really should have done my homework on this!
I just hope I didn't upset them by sending this photo, it was the only one I could find with Stuart and Kay together. I feel such an idiot.
Thanks dahoov2.


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Nice success Matt. Thanks for the extra info Dahoov2. Yeah..that's definitely Kay's handwriting...a nice touch...and kinda sad at the same time. Personally..I think no harm done...but I doubt I would knowingly send that photo to them again. However....I wouldn't want to crop the photo either....as it would be quite obvious that he was cut out of the photo. In that case..better to send the photo with Graham included.
I sent that photo to them as one of my first TTM requests and I actually asked if they could ask Graham to sign it. It came back signed by Stuart and Kay and it was only when looking for an address for Graham that I discovered the sad news. I felt so guilty and embarresed having asked his parents to get him to sign it, I just hope they didnt taKe offence and realised it was just a genuine mistake. I'm sure they did beacuse the turnaround time was amazing, just 3 days from sending it out to getting it back. Reading up on Graham it seems although he was a great talent and had many friends both within and outside the industry, may he R.I.P


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Well, happy to help; it's hard sometimes, but I've done things in the past too by accident and felt foolish. It happens to everyone I think. I think the worst thing was Michael Sheard and Brian Blessed. I wrote to both NUMEROUS times. What happened was Sheard was one of my very first letters and I didn't understand that several addresses could work, so I sent FIVE requests in a matter of like three months to all different addresses and ALL worked! He wrote "how many kids do you have?" on one and it was sad indeed for me... my heart sank. Then, with Blessed, I wrote I think four times over a three year period with no luck. He answered all though (signing three of the four). He was nice about it, but I felt like an idiot too!

I guess it pays to do some research first. Hey, if that'd of been a real Graeme signature, it'd be one of the most desireable signatures for a collector to get!


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Graham Freeborn died of cancer after a long fight on 14 July 1986. I knew it before, but his widow e-mailed me approx. 2 1/2 years ago and told me the exact date he died. Graham was survived by his widow Sheila and his daughters Michelle and Elizabeth.
What a wonderful man. Received my Yoda action figure back from Stuart Freeborn today. This has got to be the quickest response I have ever had - 4 days!!! Also, he answered a couple of questions I had with a personal note. Truly brilliant.


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