Wookiee Cookiee's Fallen Phrase III

Discussion in 'Contests & Games' started by wookiee_cookiee, May 29, 2003.

  1. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

  2. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member


    This puzzle contains a phrase from a Star Wars film. Each letter appears in the same column, but below where it should be. The solver must put the letters back in the grid and rebuild the phrase.

    Once you have solved the phrase, email it to:

    Remember to include your forum name & "fallen phrase" in the subject line. 1 entry per forum member, please.

    One winner will receive an EP 2 Count Dooku with Speeder from The Hairy Fairy.


    You must be a registered Bothan Spy forum member to enter. This contest will end at 11:59 pm EST on June 5, 2003.

    Good luck!
  3. bedlam412

    bedlam412 Scoundrel

    I'm in .... cool puzzle wook!
  4. DarkJediCB

    DarkJediCB Sith Trooper

    Done!! This one was easier that the previous ones.
  5. Rancisis

    Rancisis Jedi Trainer

    I found it, I found it !
    You may all bow infront of me now :-p j/k
  6. darkside449

    darkside449 New Recruit

    Is that a comma or a period after the first word?
  7. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    That would be a comma
  8. Real Scooby

    Real Scooby New Recruit

    I solved it and the answer is on tha way
  9. IG-PPO

    IG-PPO Sith Hamsters Handler

    Solve it, sent it.. waiting for my prize
  10. leejoejayp

    leejoejayp New Recruit

    I'm in.
  11. Mittbretturuodo

    Mittbretturuodo Space Cowboy

    All too easy.

    I missed the second one. Guess I was sleeping, but I nailed this one.
  12. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

    The answer to Fallen Phrase was:
    Commander, tear this ship apart until you've found those plans and bring me the passengers. I want them alive.

    The winner of the 3 3/4 Count Dooku & speeder is: Rancisis

    You have 1 week to email me and claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who participated!
  13. Rancisis

    Rancisis Jedi Trainer

    That's me ! Wooooot, wizards :-p
    Thanks to wookiee_cookiee & the who TheBothanSpy.com crew for letting me win this amazing prize.
    And thanks to Andrew from TheHairyFairy.dk for providing it.

    Best darn 5 minutes I spend trying to solve a puzzle :)
  14. Real Scooby

    Real Scooby New Recruit

    Congrats Rancisis, someone HAD to win ;)

    wookiee_cookiee, any chance you would post in future games how many registered for it ? Just curious how the odds were in the different games.
  15. Rancisis

    Rancisis Jedi Trainer

    And I'm glad it's me :-p
    I also wuld like to know the ods.

    I like these kind of contest (where you actually need to do something)...
    Keep 'em coming, I'm ready :-p
  16. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

    I had 13 correct entries, and about 5 with typos/or the incorrect phrase. So not many people played. :(
  17. Guttersnipe

    Guttersnipe New Recruit

    Ha ha ha ha,
    I got it wrong and Izzy copied my answer. That'll teach him to cheat.
  18. izzyskint

    izzyskint New Recruit

    CHEAT. Hah!!!
    All you did was direct me to the script site, and it was WRONG.
    Get back to work you lazy slack-monkey!!!
  19. Guttersnipe

    Guttersnipe New Recruit

    Yes Boss:-(

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