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Discussion in 'Trading Feedback' started by Jedi Daniel, Apr 7, 2004.

  1. Jedi Daniel

    Jedi Daniel Geek Jedi

    10/10 for Wookie_Cookiee. I recommend trading with her because of great communication and the package come in excellent shape :)
  2. Rancisis

    Rancisis Jedi Trainer

    I agree fully with the above post.
    The communication was very nice and packaging superb.
    Individually packaged loose figures, that's a first for me <grin>

    Thanks again for a great bargain Erica <thumbs up>
    On a side note, the Postal services worked very fast this time too.
    Only 3 days to get across the sea :^)
  3. mynock11

    mynock11 Sith Medic

    WC is an awsome person made a purchase from her recently and she has super lightning fast delivery and awsome packaging.. thanks again WC....

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