What is you opinion on the following figures?

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by BarneyFife, Nov 25, 2001.

  1. BarneyFife

    BarneyFife New Recruit

    What is your opinion on the following figures,
    The NEW rebel fleet trooper.
    Mon Cal officer
  2. vfermi

    vfermi Consultant

    my opinion...like anyone cares :)

    ok... you asked so here goes...

    Nice repaint of the best of the r2 sculpts. Interesting accessory. I have 2, one carded and one loose. Want more! Only ever saw that wave on the pegs 1 time back in late april

    Kicks @$$ but needs more articulation. knees and elbows would be nice. needs better "paint distribution"...looks like he got splattered with bantha poo. even so, I have 7 and want more! (duh!) and special thanks to amshak and borsk for their fine ST.com custom cardback...cant wait to get mine! Probably my favorite of the POTJ figs...yes, i like it even more than pimp lando!

    New rebel fleet trooper
    so whats this i hear about sculpted hair under the helmet??? Woulda been nice if theyd left off the chin strap. Cant wait to get a dozen or 2 lol I think the new articulation will add something to the displayability of the figure. Still waiting to find it...

    MonCal officer
    Kinda boring... :yawn:
    i have 2 to flank admiral akbar, but a necessary fig I suppose. :hurl:
  3. Talon

    Talon New Recruit

    V pretty much summed up my opinons on the subject of the figures.
    R2-Q5 and the Sandtrooper are both awesome figures! I can't really comment on the Rebel Trooper because I have yet to actually see one.
    Also, the Mon Cal Officer is kind of boring. Still, it is a whole lot better than another Tatooine Luke.

  4. BarneyFife

    BarneyFife New Recruit

    Thanks for your opinions guys.
  5. Redleader

    Redleader New Recruit

    R2Q5 is cool. The accessory makes the figure.

    Sandtrooper- I really like him he looks really good with all the other kinds of sandtroopers behind him. I would like to get more of him and change the color of the shoulder pad, but I'm scared that I would ruin it!

    Fleet Trooper- Don't have but it's gotta be better than the first.

    Mon Clamari- It's cool to have one to hang out with Admiral Ackbar even if it is just a repaint. It's one of those that I thought that they would never make.

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