what did you get?

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by wookiee_cookiee, Dec 25, 2001.

  1. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

    I got some SW stuff for christmas, 12" Luke w/ speeder bike, 12: Luke & Yoda, POTJ Theed Amidala and General Leia, POTF2 Hoth Leia & a sandtrooper. I got TPM soundtrack CD too. :reindeer:

    Besides that I got some other CDs: Beatles, Madonna, TMBG, The Cure and the DVD of The Pillow Book starring Ewan McGregor :dance:

    What did you get? Anything exciting?
  2. Deathstar

    Deathstar Visit vacation paradise!

    Nice stuff.
    I received a 12" Sebulba that almost completes my 12" collection. I also received a 12" Luke & Yoda (Wal-Mart) exclusive.

    My son however cleaned up through the family.

    Eopie & Qui-Gon
    Weequay, Freeze Frame US card
    Carbon-Freezing Chamber
    Radioactive Man & Fallout Boy
    Comic Book Guy-Convention Exclusive
    McFarlane's Emmitt Smith w/Dallas Home Jersey (Blue) HTF
    Can't wait 'till he goes to bed.....Hehe:satan:
  3. Redleader

    Redleader New Recruit

    I got a Gamecube with Rouge Leader, Metal Gear Solid 2, and Final Fantasy X. I got some other yard work stuff too.

    Star Wars stuff- Fambaa, another set of the Ketwal wave, Shmi, 3 3/4 Luke Wampa, Mail in han stormtrooper, FX-7 and the New Amidala.

    I also got a world industries skateboard!

    My big present is the ICONS OBI-WAN LIGHTSABER!

    I think I got too much...:rolleyes:
  4. Darth Aussie

    Darth Aussie Australian Sith Lord

    12" Quigon with poncho , Deluxe Amanaman and Leia with cannon , Darth Vader Computer Mouse and just yesterday scored the Snaggletooth wave( well that bit doesn't count)

  5. DeathStarDroid

    DeathStarDroid New Recruit


    Well as far as SW, I got the 12" Speeder with Luke. I did get my website up and running on Christmas day with my new server. I spent a great deal of time the 24th and 25th working on it. So I feel that was my gift. The rest was clothes. hehe

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