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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by richkulach, Nov 17, 2001.

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    Today was a great day for toy buying in general. First, I stopped at Zellars and they finally had the SW Lego 2-packs. I got the Tie/Y-Wing/Snowspeeder for $25!!
    Stop number 2 was trusty old Toys'R'Us and for some unknown reason, they actually stocked the shelves!! I'm talking REALLY stocked the shelves. 6 Interseptors, 6 full pegs, and a ton of 12" guys. Including Bossk! I really wanted to get him before, but never had the money, then they were gone. Finally got mine!
    The last stop of the day was Wal-Mart. I walked down the action figure isle and didn't really see anything new, until, on the way out, METAL GEAR SOLID 2TOYS!!!!!! $13 a piece, but WOW are they ever well done. Picked up the Solid Snake and now I want to open it, but if I do, then I will want to buy them all for the peices to build Metal Gear Ray(bonus 7th figure).
    So, here I sit, broke, and surrounded by cool toys. What a life!

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