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Discussion in 'Trading Feedback' started by chris solo, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. chris solo

    chris solo Agent

    This is a copy from a thread I just started at www.imperialoutpost.co.uk. I am a regular here and administration there. I wanted to let you guys know before he showed up here in "sheeps clothing".

    I would consider a late or poorly packaged item a mistake. Repeatedly would be rude and disrespectful. Never.....a petty theif.

    TK-421 (at Imperial Outpost and BeJedi.com, Vader Fett at Rebelscum, CFett at mousedroid.com, and I'm told other names at various sites. His real name is Chan Kwong Wai. ( sw_wai@hotmail.com ).

    This was the last letter I sent him:


    When you joined our site I was informed of the possibility that you were a bad trader (theif). Judging by your contributions to the site I preferred to accept you as a good guy. I'm hoping my package is delayed in the mail and with school starting now you've been too busy to check your emails. I have sent you a few PMs and emails.

    I couldn't see you or anybody trying to steal a few little plastic toys. Its obsured to think someone would want a criminal record over something as trivial as that. There is no honour or respect in being a petty theif.

    I've looked up the Hong Kong Police Deptartment and I have all your mailing information. I have a warning written up ready to send out to many Star Wars forums.

    Again I hope that there is a misunderstanding and that things are going to work out. Being the possibility of you doing such a thing is so far fetched I'll hold off for a few days for your answer. Out of all possibility that there has been a mistake I'd like to extend my most humble apologies. Please tell me I'm wrong.

    Chris Da Costa
    Imperial Outpost Staff"

    Well its been a 2 weeks since I sent that. Its been a few more since I received any correspondance. For someone who has been contributing heavily to our forums since June I think its a shame to burn somebody for under $20. He's a disgrace to the Star Wars collecting community. Can you picture being an old man on your death bed thinking about intentionally screwing many people over? These things are just toys. I feel ashamed for him.

    Darth Dave from RS talks about him (Vader Fett) near the bottom of the page:

    I feel its been long enough to give him a chance to talk to me. I've quietly warned other members of many sites who appeared to be his next victims. I can't wait any longer before warning all of you to watch out for Wai! At best he's the worst "trader" I've ever dealt with.

    Enjoy the toys Wai.

    (This opinion is my own and is independant from The Bothan Spy. They cannot be held responsible for my statement.)
  2. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    Did some checking...

    We have no current members with the email address: sw_wai@hotmail.com

    We also have no current members with the username: TK-421, Vader Fett or CFett

    There are no members at this site that match the description given by Chris.

    It is unfortunate that some people do things like this.
  3. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos


    Thanks for the heads up Chris. Sorry you got burned...hopefully no one else will.
  4. chris solo

    chris solo Agent

    Theres always a sucker like me who trusts somebody over such a simple and trivial matter.
  5. Darth Aussie

    Darth Aussie Australian Sith Lord

    At least with warnings like this hopefully will slow him down and go no further in bad trades...
  6. Darth Boru

    Darth Boru Celtic Sith

    Sorry to hear you've been 'had' Chris, but these things happen once in a while.
    You've put the word out so everyone will be cautious if they bump into him.

    In my experience the best thing is to simply forget about it. Odds are he'll run into a bigger more clever theif and get done for much more in the long run. I'd be the first to have a fairly loud 'serve him right' laugh at that stage :)

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