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    Vaughn's Trading List as of 5 January

    I have this stuff to trade:

    POTJ R2-Q5 ("imperal" astromech) (0400)
    POTJ Darth Vader (emperors Wrath) (0400)
    POTJ Han Solo (death star escape) (0400)
    POTJ Luke Skywalker (x-wing pilot) (0400)
    POTJ Obi Wan Kenobi (jedi training) (0400)
    POTJ Shmi Skywalker (0400) (x2)
    POTJ Battle Droid (boomer damaged) (0400)
    POTJ Darth Maul (sith apprentice) (0400)
    POTJ Coruscant Guard (0000)
    POTJ Biker Scout (dirty) (0400)
    POTJ Han Solo Bespin Capture (0400)
    POTJ Duros (0400) (x3)
    POTJ Bespin Guard (0400)
    POTJ Darth Vader (Dagobah) (0100)

    CT Stormtrooper (0000)

    EP1 Battle Droid (shot) (0200)
    EP1 Watto (00)
    EP1 Destroyer Droid (0000)

    FF Chewbacca as Boushh's Bounty (00)
    FF Leia (all new likeness) (00)
    FF R2-D2 (data link, death star slide) (00)

    Jabba's Dancers

    VFERMI'S WANT LIST: (current as of 5 January)
    Getting shorter and shorter thanks to a lot of great friends!

    Eeth Koth (x2)
    Zutton (x2)
    Imperial Officer(s)
    Rebel Trooper(s)

    Leia w/ Barge cannon

    25th Anniversary:
    Swing to freedom (luke/leia)
    Death Star Escape (han/chewbacca)

    Superdeformed Chewbacca (PALMTALKER)
    Superdeformed R2-D2 (palmtalker)


    BEASTS: (i wish)
    Tauntaun w/ han (another VVFHTF)
    Wampa w/ luke (another VVFHTF)
    Eopie w/ Qui-gon (YEAH RIGHT)

    Shadows Of The Empire
    OUTRIDER (can be loose)
    swoop (loose)

    Millenium Falcon (can be loose)
    Leia w/ Speederbike (loose)

    loose imperials
    -death star gunners
    -scanning tech
    -scout troopers
    -death star troopers
    -death star droids

    Loose Endor Figs:
    -Endor rebel soldiers
    -han endor

    Email me at Sandtroopervw@aol.com if you want to trade...:cheers:

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