Saga's Latest Bunch: Watto, Amidala, Lott Dod, Tusken. Detailed Pictures

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    <CENTER> By Ishi Tib</CENTER>

    Finding it hard to keep your wallet going at the same pace as new figures get released? Here is another beating certainly the "leathered one" will take.

    Very soon three new sculpts and a rehash will be making an appearance and hitting a store near you. The figures, three from Attack of the Clones, one from The Phantom Menace are: Padme Amidala Coruscant Attack, Tusken Rider with Massiff (two thumbs down), Watto Mos Espa Junk Dealer and Lott Dod Neimoidian Senator, a figure we've been waiting for since Episode One.

    Let's cut to the chase; here are the reviews and pictures:


    The Toydarian has been sculpted again, offering a great amount of detail. From his "dish hat" to the likeness of his face, to a new set of wings, Watto is a figure you will not want to miss.

    Although the figure does not present any peg holes and can't stand on its own, do not attempt to put some holes at the bottom of his feet; it is meant to be without them. The only accessory packed with the sculpt acts as the only one feature as well, and will take care of the "falling down" situation.

    A clear stand packed with Watto can be hooked onto his back, just a little below where both of his wings connect to the body. In turn, the stand makes the junk dealer "hover" right before your eyes. His non removable wings are "motion-capture" helping even further with the hovering effect.

    The wings have been sculpted out of a very tough plastic and even the detail of the small veins going across them can be appreciated. The overall color scheme of the figure is very vibrant and makes Watto stand out from the rest

    Watto has been articulated at the neck, shoulders and hips but movement is limited. This is a figure rather to take under consideration for its craftsmanship than for its playing capabilities.


    NAME OF FIGURE: Watto Mos Espa Junk Dealer
    DIGITS: PN 6108685500
    ACCESSORIES: Hovering stand



    This is one figure we have been waiting for quite sometime. Showing up at first within some Episode one lists, it wasn't until now that the Neimoidian Senator has been locked up in a plastic cell and given release status after being held back time and time again

    Very much in the style and design than the previous Nute Gunray and Rune Haako, Lott Dod offers a removable senatorial miter and robes with very intricate sculpting. The likeness of the character has been well captured down to the bulky yellow eyes and stripe down pupils.

    Lott Dod comes accessorized with a miniature holographic Darth Sidious, exactly as the one offered with Count Dooku on April 23. Worth noting is the fact the senator and Sidious were never seen onscreen together, nevertheless here we have them as a set. Either Hasbro ran out of ideas when it came to accessorizing this figure or perhaps there were too many holographic Sidious laying around and someone said: "Slap 'em in with this one!" Despite the odd presence of the hologram Sidious with Lott Dod, I guess we can always use some extra ones of them.

    The sculpt is articulated at the neck and shoulders but the articulation is limited since the robes get in the way; if the arms get moved around, the shape and look of the robes will be "screwed up" There is a separate pair of legs under the outfit but, their movement again, is useless since there is not enough room to wiggle them around.

    Dod a very nice overall appearance and the fact his miter is removable adds to it also. As with the previously reviewed Watto figure, this is a sculpt to be displayed rather than to be played around with.


    NAME OF FIGURE: Lott Dod Neimodian Senator
    DIGITS: PN 6108685700
    ACCESSORIES: Darth Sidious Hologram, Neimodian Senatorial Miter

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    Move out of the way stiff Padme Arena!

    Out of this bunch, this one by far, is the best sculpt and presents the best articulation. Finally we are getting a Padme which can be given more than just one pose and, although it comes with one of those "Oh no, I got a lever on my back!" kind of features, the overall look of the sculpt as well as the playing capabilities easily overwhelm the protruding back piece.

    Dress in fighting fatigues and taken from the opening sequence in Attack of the Clones, the likeness of the sculpt to the actress is remarkable. The delicate features of the face have been well rendered. My only disappointment is with her hair which was "braided" differently from the movie. Other than this small mistake, this is a figure which delivers for your dollar.

    Padme's blaster pistol has been meticulously crafted and can easily be mounted on her belt. A small hole allows for the weapon to easily be placed there.

    Details and weathering effects can be appreciated throughout the entire sculpt, creating a more realistic appearance. Her left arm is molded in position to hold the pilot helmet ALA Boshek, which makes her look kind of funny when she is not holding it. The lever on her back allows for the already known "quick draw action" which we've seen in the past with Zam Wesell. The feature works well but (here is my rant again) I think figures look better without it.

    As far as accessories are concerned, Padme comes packed with a blaster pistol, removable pilot helmet (with a great deal of detail), even offering a "glass" visor and a three piece radar dish which "explodes" by the pressing of a button

    There are multiple points of articulation, 10 to be exact. Padme can be "played with" at the neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, knees and where the boots meet the legs, allowing for them to be spun and permitting the sculpt to kneel down with ease.


    NAME OF FIGURE: Padme Amidala Coruscant Attack
    DIGITS: PN 6108683200
    ACCESSORIES: Exploding Radar Dish, Blaster Pistol, Pilot Helmet



    Buyers beware! Throw away your money at your own risk! ... and still WE WILL

    Here is another brilliant idea by Hasbro, captured at one of their developing meetings:

    - Chief: "Why make new sculpts? ... We know collectors will buy even Bontha poo, just as long as it is presented with the Star Wars logo and in the all new blue cards"

    - Not the Chief: "True, very true. So, what do you suggest, sir?"

    - Chief: "Well ... well....Let's grab one of those old molds from POTJ of the Tusken Raider, add some "amazing" paint "upgrades" and offer the figure as an Attack of the Clones Tusken"

    - Not the Chief: "What a brilliant idea sir, but .. still .. we will need to give them an accessory!"

    - Chief: "Well ... well .... what do you have in mind Mr. Junkforyou?"

    - Not the Chief: "Sir, they will go crazy with another Massiff but why make a new sculpt. We have plenty of those left over from the ones produced for the naked Geonosian warriors"..."Let's give'em the same one. We put those two together, they will never tell the difference! After all, both are from the film and, they will buy just about anything"

    - Chief: "Great idea Mr. Junkforyou!" ... "Just make sure the Tusken is dressed and...NO WEAPONS! I would hate to make another politically incorrect mistake just like we did with the Geonosian warrior and be offering the figure naked. Dexter and the cancellation of his pipe as well as the Cantina Bar figures without their weapons have made us "politically correct" again but.....Sure, let's offer them the Tusken and Massiff. Mr. Junkforyou, again, you will receive another salary increase for a job well done!" ... "You've saved us a bundle!"

    -Not the chief: "Well, thank you so much, sir! We will dirty the Tusken clothes a little and BANG! .. new figure coming" ... "You know we only want to please collectors! ... hehehe... You said PIPE ..hehehe"

    Despite, of course, this was just a fictitious dialogue, the upcoming set is in fact a complete rehash of both, the POTJ Tusken Raider and the previous Saga Massiff offered less than five months ago with the Geonosian warrior. No weapon has been included with the set and only some paint weathering to the Tusken's outfit has been added ... Is there a need to review this two? I don't think so; you make your own conclusions


    NAME OF FIGURE: Tusken Raider with Massiff
    DIGITS: PN 61086885800
    ACCESSORIES: Massiff


    Take a look now at the detailed pictures below and feel free to make your own comments. Share your opinions with us; we'd love to hear what you think. Enjoy!

    <CENTER>Ishi Tib</CENTER>
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    WATTO 1

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    WATTO 2

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    LOTT DOD 1

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    LOTT DOD 2

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  12. Nightwing

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    upper body and mask, how similar is padme to Captain Typho?
  13. han solo

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    Great pics Ishi!
    I really like watto and padme and the tuskin..
    not to fond of lott dodd..:eek:
    just because he's alittle to much like a statue :D
    Nice figs though!
  14. AmShak

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    She's not Typho with a Padme head, if that's what you mean. She is an all new sculpt... smaller than Typho.
  15. Nightwing

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  16. Darth Aussie

    Darth Aussie Australian Sith Lord

    Lott Dod looks like he's had one too many stiff The Watto and Padme fig look great..
  17. CoruscantCosta

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    Lott Dod looks wider in the back than he does in the front.

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