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    Thanks to all who voted. The results will be used in an upcoming feature here at TBS. Here are the winners:

    Han Solo: 1st - Commtech
    2nd - 25th Anniversary
    3rd - (tie) Beast Pack w/ Jabba & Gunner Station

    Chewbacca: 1st - (tie) Saga Cloud City & POTJ Mechanic
    2nd - (tie) 25th Anniversary & POTJ Dejarik Champion

    Luke Tatooine: 1st - Flashback Floppy Hat
    2nd - (tie) FF Blast Shield, Commtech, Saga Landspeeder

    Princess Leia: 1st - Commtech
    2nd - FF New Likeness
    3rd - Leia Collection w/ R2

    Darth Vader: 1st - Removable Helmet
    2nd - Emperor's Wrath
    3rd - (tie) 25th Anniversary & Saga Bespin

    R2-D2: 1st - Commtech
    2nd - (tie) Power F/X, POTJ Naboo Escape, Silver Edition

    C-3PO: 1st - (tie) FF Removable Limbs & Flashback
    2nd - Purchase of the Droids Cinema Scene
    3rd - (tie) POTF2 & Saga

    Darth Maul: 1st - Saga
    2nd - (tie) POTJ Final Duel, POTJ Sith Attack Droid, Sith Lord
    3rd - w/ Sith Infiltrator

    Prequel Obi-Wan: 1st - Cold Weather
    2nd - Saga Coruscant Chase
    3rd - (tie) Naboo, Soft Goods, POTJ, Jedi Training, Jedi Pilot

    Qui-Gon Jinn: 1st - Naboo
    2nd - Saga
    3rd - (tie) Jedi Master, Tatooine Duel Cinema Scene, Eopie, POTJ Mos Espa

    Luke Jedi: 1st - Final Jedi Duel Cinema Scene
    2nd - POTF2
    3rd - (tie) Complete Galaxy & Skiff

    Yoda: 1st - Saga
    2nd - (tie) POTF2, Flashback, Episode 1

    Old Obi-Wan: 1st - POTJ
    2nd - 25th Anniversary
    3rd - POTF2

    Young Anakin: 1st - Naboo Pilot
    2nd - POTJ Mechanic
    3rd - (tie) Naboo, Podracer

    Jar Jar Binks: 1st - (tie) Saga & POTJ Tatooine
    2nd - Naboo Swamp (swimming)
    3rd - (tie) Episode I, w/ Kaadu, Mos Espa Cinema Scene

    Battle Droid: 1st - POTJ Security
    2nd - (tie) Boomer Damage, Saga
    3rd - (tie) Episode I Dirty, Episode I Slash, w/ STAP, Target Accessory Set

    A few surprises to be had here, such as Cold Weather Obi-Wan, a non-movie character, beating all other prequel Obi-Wan's, and the new Saga Darth Maul cleaning house on the earlier ones.


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