March Casting Call: Bothan Spies .........over at FFURG.........

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    March Casting Call: Bothan Spies ...over at FFURG

    March Casting Call: Bothan Spies
    FFURG presents their latest Casting Call... Bothan Spies! All of the entries from the recent custom contest (as well as a few new ones) have been sent over for their latest casting call. 26 customs by 11 different artists make up the debut.


    So, what's in store for next month's Casting Call? Well, how about something a little different...characters from the online comic book JAWA FORCE!! You can read the comic first, and then get started on creating customs based on the characters appearing in the story!

    So be sure to head over check it all out. Here's a link,

    And if that isn't enough, check out all of the updates over at Curto's Custom Alliance.

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