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Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by Eriksf11, Oct 13, 2001.

  1. Eriksf11

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    I just wanna check with you all if you have heard the following:
    Annakin and padme are getting married without the jedi-council knowing. The clones aren't bad they are helping the fight against the super battle droids. The new villain is called Darth Tyranus and he is played by Christopher Lee. Padme's decoy is beeing killed and her new bodyguard is called captain typho, not Panaka. Darth Tyranus is one of few jedies that has left the jedi council and become evil. Boba fett is just a clone of his "father" jango fett. Yoda is gonna fight tyranus and mace windu is gonna kill Jango Fett while boba is watching. I just want to know if you know anything more?
  2. Jedi_Master

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    Shmi gets killed by Aurra Sing or Tuskens,Zam Wessel tries to assassinate Padme,etc etc
  3. Coruscant_Jedi

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    Anakin & Padm`e

    Well, it's possable for A & P to get married because it's none of the JC's frickin' bussness! :D

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