LucasArts Layoffs

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    LucasArts recently confirmed that it had laid off 29 employees at its San Rafael, California studios. These changes were made to "bring studio staffing levels into line with the current development slate." This probably means that the employees that had been responsible for the Sam & Max and Full Throttle sequels (which have both been canceled) were given their walking papers, since the firings do not affect any current projects.

    Despite having the success that comes with the Star Wars license, LucasArts has had to deal with its share of trials and tribulations in recent years. As mentioned above, LucasArts made an abortive attempt to resurrect their neglected adventure game lineup, after evaluating "underlying economic considerations." Certain recent LucasArts-developed intellectual properties (such as Wrath Unleashed and RTX Redrock) have fared average at best among consumers and critics. Finally, the company still lacks a president, a vacuum that hasn't been filled since Simon Jeffery resigned last October.
  2. What wasn't mentioned in that article was that LucasArts will be replacing those 29 employees with C.G. clone employees. Cheaper labor. :laugh:
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