Kansas City Lights Shine For me tonight

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by BarneyFife, Oct 15, 2001.

  1. BarneyFife

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    Went to Kansas City this weekend. Popped by a Toys are Us. No interceptor, barely any POTJ figures, most had been bought up. And about 40 $2 mauls. Any ways they had some REALLY cool world war 2 figures, in 3 different sizes. Really wish i had bought a couple in 3 3/4 size,,,,, .
    Went to a target, Bought two B-wings, they were the last two they had though, and the figures that they had were peg warmers. Went to a KB toys in the mall, Bought the only K-3po not much there really. Went to two K-marts, both had lots of figures from the Mon Calamri office wave, wait, Mon Calamri officer is about all they had. I wish now i would have got one. Went to a wal-mart, had some sabes and Bespin police.
    Went to a wal-mart in Paola, Sabe andBespin is about all. Keep in mind that all of these stores Excpet the paola and one k-mart were in Jhonson County (the ritsy fancy type county) KANSAS side.
    Also Kansas is in the midwest.
  2. Borsk

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    The Target in Olathe (Johnson County) had 8-10 B-Wings. They didn't have very many figures and the figures that they had consisted primarily of Ketwol.
  3. BarneyFife

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    The target i went to ahd like a grocery store, and everything el;se. It had a walmart super center on a Plaza next to it. It had a KB toys on the same plaza, but they were closed. Are we talkign about the same target?
  4. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    This Target was off of Mur-Len Rd. It was a "Super Target", so it was set up like a Super Walmart or Hypermart (groceries, etc). I'm not sure what other stores were in the same area, but it's very close to AMC 30 Theaters in Olathe.

    The B-Wings in that store were on the far endcap (seperate from the figs) and weren't very easy to notice.

    They had:
    Mon Calamari Officer
    Coruscant Guard
    Bespin Guard
    and the B-Wings

    I was dissapointed in the amount of figs that they had. It was basically 2 columns of half-empty pegs.
  5. BarneyFife

    BarneyFife New Recruit

    I the B-wing i found were right under the figures. Is the amc 30 theateres near pizza stop or soemthing and kinda down the road from a big Trucking line?
  6. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    There is only one Target in Olathe, AFAIK. If you travel North on Mur-len, the road will start to curve towards the NE (at this point, Mer-Len is right next to I-35). On your right, you will see AMC 30 and after you drive a little further down Mur-Len, you will see the Super Target (on the right again).

    I don't know anything about a pizza stop or a "big trucking line" being in that same area. It's possible that they are and I just didn't notice them. I'm not going to remember any other landmarks around this Target because I don't go to this area very often. Their selection sucked anyway. :rolleyes:

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