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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by BarneyFife, Nov 24, 2001.

  1. BarneyFife

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    First off, I am very grateful that they finally made some of the less, well, important or Starish pilots. And they also made a hero, as he was Awarded the Kenobi Medalion of honor.And I must commend hasbro, as they definently had to make a new mold to make him. He stands well, the helmet is very nice and detailed and the chest box is neat. And I must really commend the fact that he stands well, as i have found that figures that stand well are so much more useful for making dioramas sceens etc.

    However there a few downsides, but nothing critical,
    His hands really don't have a nice tight grip, which makes it easy for him to lose a blaster, if he is holding one.
    Another thing, It talks about his blaster in his force file, yet he doesn't come with one. That is something that irks me. Hasbro was really good about including weapons in the POTF2 line. Even Moff Tarkin came with two, and he never even was seen with one. Yet jek, who had a part about his blaster in his force file doesn't come with one.
    He is very well detailed, but the orange looks jsut a little to dull, i think it should be a bit brighter, however, it may just be fading.
  2. richkulach

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    no blasters

    I think the reason that so many figures are conning without blasters is because Hasbro is trying to make them "scene specific" figures. Heck, X-Wing Luke dosent even come with a lightsaber, now that sucks.

    As for the Jek figure, I think you hit it right on the head as to what I think about it aswell.
  3. Talon

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    I like the Jek Porkins figure. I was upset that it didn't come with an accessory. Rich is right about it not having a blaster because it is a scene specific scene. I hope that we get to see a couple of more pilots, even if they are just generic.

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