Imperial Shuttle coming soon

Discussion in 'Espionage Report' started by Darth Aussie, Mar 4, 2002.

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    At the moment the Tyderium Shuttle is going to be an FAO Schwarz exclusive, and you should expect to see it around April or May with a US$90 to 100 price tag. There isn't any firm information on what pack-ins the Tyderium Shuttle will come with but it has been hinted that it could include a Han Endor resculpt, possibly with 2 Endor Commandos as well. As you'd expect Hasbro are being tight-lipped about this vehicle so there are no confirmed details as of yet.
  2. vfermi

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    why why why

    NOT ANOTHER STINKIN FAO EXCLUSIVE!!!! I hope the report is "wrong" for all of our sakes. Id love to have this ship but not from a retailer that thinks figures should go for 10 bucks. I HATE FAO!!!!!

    Ive also read the "rumor" of imperial dignitaries instead of rebel commandos (going commando?). Id hope for the former over the latter, but thats just my personal preference. This is BIG if its true though...
  3. Darth Aussie

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    I agree with you Vfermi. the price there in the post is pretty high and its just another nail in the coffin (if 's confirmed) for us enthusiasts. i pray it will be lower
    Also the Dignitaries would be a great option as well..
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    This was snet over from Pete at the Private Universe...

    'The Private Universe has had confirmed by an Official Source that the much rumoured Imperial Shuttle is approaching! I have the official word on the release dates for the UK and US, as well as the rumoured pack ins, so head to TPU!'

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