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    What it is:

    Across the top of the page is the site banner and the section banner. To the far right is a small, random sponsor banner.

    On the right side of the page is the Diorama directory. This is an expandable menu. When collapsed, you will see the names of all the dioramas available to view. By clicking on the diorama name, you will expand a selection for that particular diorama. This listing splits up all the images of the diorama into several movie events. By clicking on an event name, you will display the related thumbnail images on the left side of the page.

    The left side of the page will either contain some text describing the section or it will contain many thumbnails. By clicking on a thumbnail, you will open a larger version of that image.

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    By clicking on one of the thumbnails, you will activate a pop-up window that displays the full-size image.

    Within this pop-up window are 2 navigation buttons that will allow you to progress through the full-size images without returning to the window with the image gallery. The left-most button will cycle backwards and the right button will cycle forwards.

    Below this is the event name and the actual image. Below the image is the action text. This is generally a quote from the movie that helps place the image.

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    What is planned:

    More dioramas will be added.

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