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    Hello i'm french and i have a few things for trade :

    HAVES :

    Luke FB Euro
    Leia FB Euro
    Ben FB Euro
    R2 FB Euro
    Yoda FB Euro
    Chewbacca FB Euro

    Hoth Rebel Soldier GC Euro
    Leia Slave GC Euro
    Lando skiff GC Euro
    Rebel Fleet Trooper GC Euro
    Sandtrooper GC Euro
    Leia Boush GC Euro
    Luke Stormtrooper GC Euro
    DS Gunner GC Euro
    Ponda Baba GC Euro

    Luke Bespin Euro Long Photo
    Endor rebel soldier Long photo Euro

    Chewbacca OC Euro
    Boba Fett OC Euro
    Han solo OC Euro
    Luke Xwing OC Euro
    Luke Dagobah OC Euro
    Luke OC Euro

    Yoda OC Italian

    Luke Shadows of the Empire OC Italian
    Xizor SOTE OC it
    Dash Rendar SOTE Oc it
    Chewie SOTE Oc it

    12" european swinging action Han
    12" european swinging action Luke

    Eopie & Qui-Gon Jinn
    Jabba with 2 headed announcers

    Complete Galaxy Ewok
    Complete Galaxy Luke

    Episode1 US carded figures :
    Jarjar swimming
    Destroyer Droid Damage
    Quigon jedi master
    obiwan softgood
    maul tatooine
    maul sith lord
    anakin pilot

    Mega Destroyer Droid
    Han Stormtrooper mail in
    Vador Remov helmet

    NEEDS :
    POTF2 US Green Cards :C8+
    Leia boush
    chewbacca -pending-

    POTF2 Freeze Frame US or Canadian :
    Boba Fett
    AT-ST driver
    Captain Piett

    US Orange cards :
    Boba Fett
    Vador SS/LT
    Ben SS/LT
    DS Gunner
    Greedo -pending-
    Luke SS/LT
    Luke Stormtrooper -pending-
    R5-D4 -pending-
    Tusken Raider
    Yoda with Hologram
    Luke Jedi Brown Vest

    Lots of European ,Italian and canadian red and green cards...Send list of your haves

    Sams club 3 packs :
    Chewie , Han , Lando RC
    Ben, luke, vador RC
    C3PO, R2, Stormtrooper RC
    Lando, Luke dag, Tie Pilot GC

    Bantha X3 can be loose
    Ronto X2 can be loose
    Tatooine Skiff X1 loose
    Ywing X3 loose
    Bwing X2 can be loose
    Tie interceptor X2 (1 loose + 1 MIMB)
    Slave 1 green box
    outrider Green box
    Xwing Green box
    ATAT X2 loose
    cantina showdown X1 can be looose
    luke wampa X2 loose
    han tauntaun X2 loose
    Trade federation tank X2 loose


    Shmi loose X2
    Obiwan cold gear loose X1 MOMC X1
    Obiwan jedi training loose X1
    Sae see tinn loose X2 MOMC X1
    red security droid loose X4 MOMCX1

    Every other POTJ figures loose (1 or more of each...gungan warrior X20, biker scout X6...)

    12" :
    Luke + speeder bike
    biker scout + speeder bike
    tarpals + kaadu
    dewback + sandtrooper
    maul + speeder bike
    han tauntaun

    + lots more loose for dioramas...

    please mail me at :
    my name : darklord62 (i have some feedbacks on SWtrade Zone)
    my website :

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