Disney puts Star Wars "on hold"

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    Reportedly Disney has put at least some of the future Star Wars movies "on hold" as it tries to work out "went went wrong" with Solo. They have halted work on the stand-alone movies (Obi-Wan, Boba Fett, etc.) and may or may not have halted (or even cancelled) Rian Johnson's new trilogy and the movies by the Game of Thrones people. Currently the only movie they are still working on is Episode IX. No mention of what may or may not be happening with the various TV projects currently in the works.
    ComingSoon.net: Star Wars Story Spin-Off Movies Reportedly On Hold at Lucasfilm

    This seems to be a huge mistake. JJ Abram's "Sequel Trilogy" has been the worst of Disney's Star Wars works - mostly just a rehash of what we've already seen before. The Rogue One and Solo stand-alone movies did have a few problems, but were actually the much better additions to the franchise. :(
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    Disney is denying this story is true and claiming there are still multiple movies in various stages of development, but then they would say that.
    TheForce.net: Lucasfilm Mentions Multiple Unannounced Films In Development

    Apparently the story began from a misunderstanding of a booking at Pinewood Studios which was cancelled for an unannounced Star Wars movie set in Mos Eisley (this movie may be also cancelled or just postponed).
    TheForce.net: Star Wars Story Rumour Clarification

    I guess we'll simply have to wait and see what else happens to find out if the original "on hold" story was true or not.
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    Lots and lots of rumours still flying around ... including Kathleen Kennedy having basically been fired, but nobody else wants to take on the job.

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