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Discussion in 'Autograph Collecting' started by Vader Nation, Oct 25, 2010.

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    I might be interested in a signed photo, if you'd be willing to snag me one E-N. Do you have any idea how much it will cost?
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    They do have a decent in house preorder service - i've known the guy who runs that service for over ten years. Does cost a bit more though (£25.50 + VAT, rather than £20 in person) but he is happy to answer queries by email

    I'm not opposed to snagging some on request, but dunno what secured postage costs would be.
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    Thanks for the info. :) I just learned in an e-mail that Wattogaphs will be at this event obtaining his autograph on a Hoth multi-signed project I've been participating in. For once, the Force is with me. :p
  6. Just got back from a fantastic day at Collectormania, London. Got a number of my figures signed. Ahmed Best, Denis Lawson were the main successes but also managed to get Paul Weston, Peter Ross, Matt Doran, Ken Coombs, Tony Smart and Paul Markham - a very good day.

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