Collectible of the Day 264 - 2000 A.D. Star Wars Contest issue

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    Here is a unique vintage collectible I recently found out about (and had to acquire). It's issue 166 of 2000 A.D. magazine, from June 1980. It features colorful Star Wars art on the cover, promoting a contest that would be running through the next few issues of the weekly comics magazine. Prizes included the Electronic Battle Command Game (apparently released by Chad Valley in the UK), and various 12" scale figures, coinciding with the release of The Empire Strikes Back at theaters.

    An interior contest page also features photos of the prizes, and the first part of the contest. 2000 A.D. is a comics anthology magazine, that at the time was printed on newsprint. It is perhaps best known to comics fans in the US as being the home of Jedge Dredd since the 70s. This issue features several sci-fi and action comics stories, including Judge Dredd.


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