Collectible of the Day 256 - Jabba the Hutt Pet Squeak Toy

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    As most collectors have already heard, Petco recently released a large selection of Star Wars themed pet toys for dogs and cats. This Jabba squeak toy is my personal favorite. I could just chew on this thing for hours....I mean...what? Actually, I just think it looks awesome, and is a great addition to our plush collection. It's quite large, and has fully embroidered details. Not to mention, it as multiple tiny high-pitched squeakers in his body, and a larger lower-pitched squeaker in his face. My dog looks mischievously at it any time I make it squeak.

    Petco has plush chew toys in numerous sizes and characters, along with beds, tennis balls, collars, leashes, shirts and sweaters. For cats they also have a variety of traditonal cat toys in Star Wars themes. As part of the promotional release of this line, Petco gave away tennis balls with a Star Wars logo on them, and later gave away Yoda ears for dogs or cats, free with a Star Wars pet item purchase.

    I highly recommend checking out the selection at your local Petco or online. There is bound to be something for the furry Star Wars fan in your household.

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