Collectible of the Day 033 - Happy Meal Boxes

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    Collectible of the Day​


    Today’s collectibles are Happy Meal boxes from McDonald’s fast food restaurants. For the past few years, McDonald’s has periodically offered Star Wars premiums in its kid’s meals. These boxes feature colorful artwork and activities to entertain kids, and of course help get them hooked on a lifetime of fast food. ;) In recent years, McDonald’s has also begun offering milk as an alternative to soft drinks. The kid’s meal milk comes in a small plastic container with a shrink-wrapped plastic sleeve. For this promotion, a Star Wars sleeve was used on the milk bottle.

    Fast food premiums, packaging and store displays are a popular collectible, with varying levels of rarity. Perhaps the most expensive Star Wars fast food collectible is the giant inflatable Darth Vader bust the sat atop many Burger King locations during their Star Wars promotion. The simplest collectibles are as easy to come by as cups, tray inserts and paper bags that come free with any food order.

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    If you have an item you'd like to have featured, please PM me and provide a detailed description and a link to a medium sized, relatively in-focus photo. :)
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