Collectible of the Day 030 - Clone Wars Tackle Box

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    Collectible of the Day​


    Today’s collectible is a Clone Wars fishing tackle box. This child-size tackle box was available at Target stores, and features Clone Wars stickers on the outside. Inside is a small, removable storage tray. While not entirely exclusive to Target, the red Commander Fox trooper on the front of this tackle box was a key element to many of Target’s exclusive red themed items. A similar blue and white tackle box was available at Toys R Us.

    Also available was a child-size Clone Wars fishing rod. It was also adorned with stickers and came with a plastic “plug” casting weight to help practice your casting skills. The Target version was red, but a blue version was also available. A couple other rod and reel sets have been released. Other than that, there Star Wars fishing category is pretty small. I believe I’ve heard of a certain barrel shaped fishing lure being custom painted to look like R2-D2, but there are no other licensed fishing items that I am aware of.

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    If you have an item you'd like to have featured, please PM me and provide a detailed description and a link to a medium sized, relatively in-focus photo. :)

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