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Discussion in 'Contests & Games' started by AmShak, Dec 20, 2002.

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  1. eclusion

    eclusion New Recruit

    contest entry

    Favorite moment: Mace beheading Jango

    1. Skiff
    2. Cantina
    3. Imperials
    4. Clone War
    5. Jedi
    6. Jabba's Palace
    7. Hoth
    8. Holiday Edition
    9. Destroyer/ Yoda
    10. Endor
    11. 12" Mace
    12. Unleashed Mace
    13. Zam Bust

  2. chilaquil66

    chilaquil66 New Recruit

    Christmas Giveaways

    My favorite moment is from AOTC, when you see Yoda in charge of the Clone Troopers when they arrive to save the surviving jedi on the Arena, and you realize that the Clone Troopers are the Good Guys on this movie.

    My choices:

    1. Skiff Giveaway
    2. Zam Mini Bust Giveaway
    3. The Holiday Edition Giveaway
    4. Endor Giveaway
    5. The Jedi Giveaway
    6. The Imperial Giveaway
    7. Jabba's Palace Giveaway
    8. Destroyer/Yoda Giveaway
    9. Clone War Giveaway
    10. Hoth Giveaway
    11. Cantina Giveaway
    12. 12" Mace Giveaway
    13. The Unleashed Mace Giveaway

  3. teequay

    teequay New Recruit

    My favorite moment is in Attack of the clones when Yoda is fighting Dooku.. that scene rules

    1) Skiff Giveaway

    2) The Holiday Edition Giveaway

    3) The Unleashed Mace Giveaway

    4) Endor Giveaway

    5) Cantina Giveaway

    6) Jabba's Palace Giveaway

    7) Hoth Giveaway

    8) The Jedi Giveaway

    9) 12" Mace Giveaway

    10) The Imperial Giveaway

    11) Destroyer/Yoda Giveaway

    12) Clone War Giveaway

    13) Zam Mini Bust Giveaway

  4. coeli

    coeli New Recruit

    free stuff!

    Favorite scene would have to be.....Anakin at the Tusken camp....creepy
    1. Imperial
    3. Clone war
    4. Skiff
    6. Jabbas
    7. Hoth
    9. Unleashed Mace
    10. Yoda Destroyer
    11. 12' Mace
    12. HOliday
    13. Zam minibust

  5. ephantmon

    ephantmon New Recruit

    Christmas giveaways

    My favorite part of the star wars moives is the big battle at the end of clones where the rebublic gunships are flying by the camera and Yoda kicks dooku's butt

    1. Skiff Giveaway
    2. Jabba's Palace
    3. Endor Giveaway
    4. Hoth Giveaway
    5. Imperial Giveaway
    6. Clone War Giveaway
    7. Jedi Giveaway
    8. Cantina Giveaway
    9. Destroyer/Yoda
    10. Holiday Edition
    11. Unleashed Mace
    12. 12 Inch Mace
    13. Zam mini bust

    "lost a plant master obi-wan has how embarassing". Yoda

  6. Darth Boru

    Darth Boru Celtic Sith

    MY FAVORITE MOMENT.....Hmmm, toughie

    Its a close things, but the unleashing of the Mighty Midget Muppet has to be it, although the 'I am your Father' scene is only marginally behind it.

    Honorable mention must go to the Anakin moment when Shmi can feel the anger.

    Right, on to the choices :-

    1. Zam Mini Bust
    2. Holiday Edition
    3. Jedi Giveaway
    4. Clone War Giveaway
    5. Cantina Giveaway
    6. Hoth Giveaway
    7. Imperial Giveaway
    8. Skiff Giveaway
    9. Endor Giveaway
    10. Destroyer/Yoda
    11. Jabba's Palace
    12. Unleashed Mace
    13. 12 Inch Mace

    Many Thanks for a great site and fabulous giveaways.

    Happy Holidays to all :)

  7. JediChris

    JediChris New Recruit

    In ESB- Yoda- "Do or do not, there is not try".

    1. Imperial Give Away
    2. Jabba's Palace Give Away
    3. Endor Give Away
    4. Holiday Give Away
    5. Jedi
    6. Clone Wars
    7. Cantina
    8. Hoth
    9. Tatooine Skiff
    10. Destroyer/Yoda
    11. Unleashed Mace
    12. 12 inch Mace
    13. Zam Mini Bust

  8. Buzz Bumble

    Buzz Bumble Furry Ewok

    My favourite bit was the Yub Yub song in RotJ, but they removed it from the SE version. :eek:(

    Oh, well, it'll now have to be the Ewoks beating the Stormtroopers. :eek:)

    My prize wish list order is:

    1. Skiff Giveaway (#2)
    2. 12" Mace Giveaway (#8)
    3. The Holiday Edition Giveaway (#10)
    4. Jabba's Palace Giveaway (#3)
    5. Cantina Giveaway (#7)
    6. Clone War Giveaway (#5)
    7. The Imperial Giveaway (#11)
    8. Destroyer / Yoda Giveaway (#4)
    9. The Jedi Giveaway (#13)
    10. Hoth Giveaway (#9)
    11. Endor Giveaway (#1)
    12. The Unleashed Mace Giveaway (#12)
    13. Zam Mini Bust Giveaway (#6)

    Thirteen?!?!? I thought it was Twelve Days of Chritmas - not that I'm complaining. :eek:D

    Mucho thanks!! :eek:)

    Merry whats-it and Happy thingammy to all! ;o)

  9. miltonandmichel

    miltonandmichel New Recruit

    OK, favorite, actually i have 2 favorites:
    Luke contemplating his future against a backdrop of the twin suns of Tatooine (Williams' score does it) and when the death star explodes (great explosion).

    1. holiday Edition
    2. jedi
    3. Unleashed Mace
    4. Imperial
    5. Destroyer/Yoda
    6. Clone War
    7. Jabba Palace
    8. Hoth
    9. Cantina
    10. Skiff
    11. Endor
    12. 12" Mace
    13. Zam minibust

  10. han solo

    han solo Friend of a Wookie

    2.imperial set
    3.clone wars set
    4.endor set
    5.12" mace
    6.unleashed mace
    7.yoda and destroyer droid
    8.jabba set
    9.jedi set
    10.cantina set
    11.hoth set
    12.zam bust
    13. r2 and 3P0 set

    and my favorite scene was bespin duel with vader and luke. :)

  11. jor_supersid

    jor_supersid New Recruit

    Christmas Giveaways

    the jedi fighting the the arena in aotc, that was the best thing i have ever seen in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1.The Jedi Giveaway
    2.Clone War Giveaway
    3.Endor Giveaway
    4.The Imperial Giveaway
    5.The Holiday Edition Giveaway
    6.Cantina Giveaway
    7.Destroyer/Yoda Giveaway
    8.Jabba's Palace Giveaway
    9.Hoth Giveaway
    10.Skiff Giveaway
    11.The Unleashed Mace Giveaway
    12.12" Mace Giveaway
    13.Zam Mini Bust Giveaway

  12. nanja

    nanja New Recruit

    Favorite moment was when Vader revealed to Luke that he was his father!!
    1. Skiff giveaway
    2. Holiday giveaway
    3. Jedi giveaway
    4. Clone War giveaway
    5. Jabba's Palace giveaway
    6. Hoth giveaway
    7. Endor giveaway
    8. Zam mini bust giveaway
    9. 12" Mace giveaway
    10. Cantina giveaway
    11. Imperial giveaway
    12. Destroyer/Yoda giveaway
    13. Unleashed Mace giveaway

  13. Darth Larry

    Darth Larry New Recruit

    My favorite moment, was when Luke was doing a hand stand, and R2 broke his consentration, causing Yoda to go flying in ESB.

    1) Imperial giveaway
    2) Skiff giveaway
    3) Jabbas Palace Giveaway
    4) Clone giveaway
    5) Hoth Giveaway
    6) Cantina Giveaway
    7) Endor Giveaway
    8) Jedi Giveaway
    9) Mace Unleashed
    10) 12" Mace Giveaway
    11) Yoda/ destroyer Giveaway
    12) Zam Bust Giveaway
    13) Holiday Giveaway

    Merry Christmas to all!

  14. bmanjt16

    bmanjt16 New Recruit

    fav moment: obi wan and jango fett battle

    1. Holiday Edition
    2. Yoda/Destroyer
    3. Endor
    4. Unleashed Mace
    5. Zam Mini Bust
    6. Skiff
    7. Jedi
    8. Imperial
    9. Hoth
    10. 12" Mace
    11. Cantina
    12. Clone War
    13. Jabba Palace

  15. Real Scooby

    Real Scooby New Recruit

    Fav. moment in SW : The Falcon chased through asteroid field.

    1. Holiday Edition
    2. Zam Mini Bust
    3. Unleashed Mace
    4. Clone War Giveaway
    5. Cantina Giveaway
    6. Hoth Giveaway
    7. Imperial Giveaway
    8. Jedi Giveaway
    9. Skiff Giveaway
    10. Endor Giveaway
    11. Jabba's Palace
    12. Destroyer/Yoda
    13. 12 Inch Mace Clone

  16. obre

    obre Spy

    Favorite scene: Jango returning blaster to the holster in John Wayne style.

    1. Zam Mini Bust
    2. Endor
    3. Skiff
    4. Clone War Giveaway
    5. Cantina Giveaway
    6. Holiday
    7. Imperial Giveaway
    8. Jabba
    9. Jedi
    10. Destroyer/Yoda
    11. Hoth
    12. 12" Mace
    13. Unleashed Mace

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Bothans!

  17. Cornfritter

    Cornfritter Snowtrooper

    Return of the Jedi-The confrontation between Luke and Darth Vader in the AT-AT tunnel entrance. "It is too late for me son....the Emporor will show you the true nature of the Force. He is your master now." Awesome.

    1) The Imperial Giveaway
    2) Endor Giveaway
    3) Skiff Giveaway
    4) Destroyer/Yoda Giveaway
    5) Hoth Giveaway
    6) The Holiday Edition Giveaway
    7) Jabba's Palace Giveaway
    8) Clone War Giveaway
    9) The Unleached Mace Giveaway
    10) Zam Mini Bust Giveaway
    11) 12" Mace Giveaway
    12) The Jedi Giveaway
    13) Cantina Giveaway

  18. Cyber Fett

    Cyber Fett New Recruit

    My Favorite Star Wars Moment would have to be the Arena Battle in Episode II.

    1) Skiff Giveaway
    2) The Holiday Edition Giveaway
    3) The Unleashed Mace Giveaway
    4) Zam Mini Bust Giveaway
    5) The Imperial Giveaway
    6) Clone War Giveaway
    7) The Jedi Giveaway
    8) Cantina Giveaway
    9) Jabba's Palace Giveaway
    10) Endor Giveaway
    11) Hoth Giveaway
    12) 12" Mace Giveaway
    13) Destroyer/Yoda Giveaway

  19. Favorite Moment: Lightsaber duel at end of The Phantom Menace.

    1. The Imperial Giveaway
    2. Hoth Giveaway
    3. Skiff Giveaway
    4. Zam Mini Bust Giveaway
    5. Endor Giveaway
    6. Clone War Giveaway
    7. The Holiday Edition Giveaway
    8. The Unleashed Mace Giveaway
    9. Destroyer/Yoda Giveaway
    10. Cantina Giveaway
    11. Jabba's Palace Giveaway
    12. 12" Mace Giveaway
    13. The Jedi Giveaway

  20. aloquesalga

    aloquesalga New Recruit


    My favorite moment is the new Jabba's Palace's Musical Number from Return of the Jedi.

    1. The Holiday Edition Giveaway
    2. Skiff Giveaway
    3. Endor Giveaway
    4. Cantina Giveaway
    5. The Jedi Giveaway
    6. Jabba's Palace Giveaway
    7. The Imperial Giveaway
    8. Zam Mini Bust Giveaway
    9. Clone War Giveaway
    10. Hoth Giveaway
    11. The Unleashed Mace Giveaway
    12. 12" Mace Giveaway
    13. Destroyer/Yoda Giveaway

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