Chewie's Autograph Trade List 2011

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Chewie, May 30, 2011.

  1. Chewie

    Chewie The Mighty Wookiee

    Just reorganized my entire Star Wars collection today, and thought I would post an update to the autograph list for trades. It's weakened a little bit over the years, since I've already traded a lot of the stuff I used to have, and haven't gotten a lot of new items in. Nonetheless, I'd be happy to trade any of the following Star Wars autographs. I ask nothing specific in return; there is a lot I need and a lot I don't. :p Please ignore any and all other trade postings by me over the last few years... this is the only one that is up to date. Also, I'm sure many of you have never heard of some of the artists and authors, but I encourage you to look them up, as they've all done some pretty cool things! (y)

    *All autographs signed on plain white (unlined) 3x5 index card unless otherwise noted.

    Brian Blessed
    John Chapman (signed 4x6 photo - slightly smudged ink)
    Michael Culver
    Warwick Davis
    Julian Glover
    James Earl Jones (signed trading card)
    Tom Sylla (signed trading card)
    James Taylor (Signed photocopy of a trading card on cardstock, inscribed to Zack)

    Doug Chiang (Signed trading card)
    Harrison Ellenshaw
    Howard Gersh (Signed trading card)

    David Acord (signed trading card)
    Ashley Eckstein (signed trading card)
    George Krstic
    Matt Lanter (signed trading card)
    James Arnold Taylor (signed trading card)

    Ed Asner
    Mark Griskey (inscribed to Zack)
    David Jeremiah
    Rob Paulsen
    Rino Romano (inscribed to Zack)
    Raphael Sbarge (inscribed to Zach)

    Brent Anderson
    Steven D. Anderson
    Tom Baxa
    David Michael Beck
    Matt Busch
    Nick Choles
    Doug Cowan
    Dave Dorman
    Bob Eggleton
    Chris Eliopoulos
    Randy Emberlin
    Otis Frampton
    Sonia Hillios
    Robert Hendrickson
    Jeremy Jarvis
    Carol Lay
    Bob McLeod
    Raven Mimura
    Christopher Moeller
    Glen Mullaly
    Terese Nielsen
    David Rabbitte
    Marc Sasso
    Dave Seeley
    Michael Zeck
    Bruce Zick

    Scott Allie
    Steven Barnes
    Terry Brooks
    Mark Budz and Marina Fitch (dual-signed)
    Nathan P. Butler
    Jeanne Cavelos
    Deborah Chester
    William C. Dietz
    Donald F. Glut (to Zack)
    Alex Irvine
    Jim Krueger
    Elizabeth Levy
    Rebecca Moesta
    Daniel Keys Moran
    Steve Niles
    Jerry Oltion
    John Peel
    Matthew Reinhart
    Peter Schweighofer (to Zack)
    David Sherman
    Sean Stewart
    Pete Vilmur
    Daniel Wallace
    Sean Williams
  2. paulinone

    paulinone paulo jedi

    Hi: I have some autographs of Pam Rose for trade
  3. Chewie

    Chewie The Mighty Wookiee

    The Matt Lanter and James Earl Jones trading cards are spoken for. Thanks Paulinone!
  4. paulinone

    paulinone paulo jedi

    Hi Chewie!I just received your signed trading cards.
  5. Jamesboe1986

    Jamesboe1986 New Recruit

    Hey! I need a Rino Romano autograph. Wanna Trade? message me.

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