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    Finally took a few pics, so thought I would post them.:) CV was my first big convention and I had a blast! I was only there Thur - Sat but managed to get to 4 panels and meet everyone in the autograph hall except for Jon Berg, Gary Kurtz, Ashley Eckstein, Catherine Taber, Jaime King and James Arnold Taylor. I was very busy the whole time! Chris Muncke was the first person I met on the first day and the first person there to sign my poster. I enjoyed meeting him. All the actors I met were very nice and polite, including Anthony Daniels who spent a few minutes talking to me about my job. Mark was very nice and talkative and also spent a few minutes talking to me. Warwick was also very nice. He was taking photos with everyone even though the OP people were telling him not to. I waited 4 hours to meet him and it was definately worth it!

    I got photos with everyone I met except Mark, Carrie, Anthony and Ray. Though Anthony came out for a couple minutes to let people (in his line only) take photos of him while we were waiting.

    The panels I went to were The Fetts, Robert Watts, Masters of the Empire and Warwick Davis. Warwick Davis was hilarious and probably my favorite part of the con!

    I got a poster signed by everyone there from the original trilogy, a Clone Wars poster signed by some of the Clone Wars actors, and a few photos and cards. I haven't scanned the photos yet, but will post a few pics of them when I do.

    Here's my poster. Everyone on it I got at CV except for Kenny Baker.

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    Here's the playing cards I got signed and my really cool multi signed Jabba photo.:D

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    Very awesome SWfan! I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet you, but it looks like stayed occupied in the autograph hall most the time. Signed posters are always impressive, and those playing cards are ideal for signing. I have a similar multi-signed Jabba that is one of my favorites as well.

    I added Jaime King (thanks to IG-PPO) and Daniel Logan to my Clone Wars poster.

    I missed out on Jon Berg too.....he was signing at the same time as the 501st photo shoot I think...or maybe a panel...and by the time I got up there, the line was capped.

    Anyway, looks like the CV autograph hall was a resounding success for you!
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    Nice Photos. Here the link for a few photos in Flickr: Star Wars Celebration V Photos

    I missed Daniel Logan and Warrick Davis autograph although I got the change to take a photo with Warrick.
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    Thanks Warren! I was planning on meeting up with you and wookiee_cookiee but I lost your phone number. I watched for you in the autograph hall but never did see you.

    This was my first signed poster and it's already almost finished. I just need to get Prowse and Billy Dee and then I'll have all the main cast except Harrison and Ian which are pretty much impossible for me.

    I've been working on getting the Heroes & Villians playing card set signed and I'm now up to 30.

    How many do you have on your Clone Wars poster now? I got Tom Kane, Dee Baker, Matt Lanter, Anthony Daniels, Matt Wood and Daniel Logan on mine.

    I really wanted to get Jon on my poster but skipped him Friday because his line was to long. I was going to get him Saturday but I ended up waiting in Warwicks line during the whole time he was signing.

    Did you make it to The Main Event or any of the panels? Warwick reenacted the final battle from TPM at his.

    Here's a few pics of my other multi signed photos.

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    Nice pics.:) I didn't get to take many around the con as I only had about an hour total to walk around outside of the autograph hall.

    I got Daniel about 5 minutes before the autograph hall closed on Friday. Got to walk right up without any lines.:D They started turning the lights off right after I got my photo with him.

    Have you got Warwick before? I'm a big fan of him and I like the ewoks so I made sure I didn't miss him. He was my longest wait of the con at 4 hours.

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