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    Hi peeps,

    As you all know I'm getting out of collecting Star Wars and sales of the last items of my Star Wars collection has been steadily ongoing as such. I have now put most items up in a "webstore" of one of those free "marketplace" sites over here in Belgium, so you can check out a list with pictures of all items I still have for sale. Here's the link:

    As that site requires, all descriptions are in Dutch, but I'm pretty sure that you'll also find your way in it, with the pictures and all ...

    What is there? Some Hasbro figures, both carded and loose, a number of paper items (posters, postcards, ...), some Dark Horse comics, a fair number of Boba Fett items, a couple of autographs & autographed items, a number of custom figures and a few CCG card sets.
    Also included in the inventory are some typical European promo items, so if you're interested in that kind of thing, I guess you should check out my webstore.

    Note that I won't be shy trading these items for Muppets material either and that I will be particularly generous in case of such a trade. I have a small wants list in that area which compiles as follows:

    PVC figures: "Muppet High" Miss Piggy (with Foo-Foo); Schleich Sam the Eagle; all of the first series 3-D Vision figurines (Disney); all of the Penparty Sunkisses Hawaiian figures minus Miss Piggy; Applause Piggy & Kermit on a crate and Treasure Island PVC's
    Die-cast: all four of the TOMY Muppets in die-cast cars (mind, these are not the Corgi ones)
    Palitoy Fun Figures: any except Rowlf (by preference carded)
    Palisades: looking for accessories as well as loose figures and carded ones. Tell me what you got and I'll probably take it ...

    Get in touch with me by PM or mail to ...

    Thanks for looking!


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