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    Recent(ish) replies:

    'No Man's Land/Waiting For Godot' signed playbill - Includes Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen
    '700 Sundays' playbill - signed by Billy Crystal
    'The Commons Of Pensacola' signed playbill - Includes Blythe Danner and Sarah Jessica Parker
    Bette Midler
    Billy Crystal
    Stephen Fry
    Ian McKellen
    Cheryl Ladd - Custom NCIS and Chuck cards.
    Ciaran Hinds - Custom Game Of Thrones card.
    Barry Shabaka Henley - Included nice letter. :)
    Michael McElhatton - Included nice letter. :)
    Julian Glover - Custom cards.
    Christopher Plummer
    Asa Butterfield
    Daniel Craig - Photos and custom James Bond card!
    Maggie Grace - Took over a year!
    John Billingsley - Awesome reply! Even included a nice letter!
    Ron Glass - Signed everything and included a nice letter!
    Gina Bellman - One of my most wanted!
    Adam Baldwin - Signed everything and included an awesome letter! Very happy as he's one of my favorites!

    Scans are on my website and Startiger page in my signature. :)

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