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    Another arena beast has just hit retail, being this crustacean one the biggest beast yet for the new Saga line. The creature, which very much resembles one of those spiders from Starship Troopers, features a snapping jaw which activates by pressing a small button hidden behind the back of its head. The figure is also multi articulated presenting a total of 18 moveable points; every single one of its six legs can be adjusted at the shoulder, elbow and upper part of its claw. The stomach of the beast opens up and from it, you can actually pull out its "insides," a reddish jelly like piece which truly feels yucky when held in your hand.

    Overall the Acklay looks good as far as its design is concerned; it is a highly sculpted toy, showing great attention to detail especially around the head and back where the scales and roughness of its skin have been carefully crafted.

    On the downside the Acklay does not offer any movie sounds, a fact somehow awkward since the Nexu and Reek beasts both have sounds. Also, the Acklay lacks head articulation; the head, therefore, remains slanted a bit to its left side.

    Another problem I encountered was actually getting the creature to remain standing and not having its stomach touching the ground. The articulation at the legs is a little flimsy and the size and weight of the Acklay's body makes them give up under its weight; the beast tends to just rest on its belly. After several tries I was able to make the Acklay stand up by bringing up its center left leg as well as its front right leg. This pose allows you to open the small compartment under his belly where his guts are hidden, you can then place them on the ground or just have them half way out from its stomach, giving it a more realistic look. Finally, as far as downers go, the Acklay's jaw won't stay open which was a bit of a disappointment for me since an open mouth certainly gives the beast a more aggressive look when displayed

    Nevertheless and despite the facts going against it, the Acklay is a figure I'm sure many will like. Its size, detail, color and looks truly makes this arena beast creature stand out.

    Check out the detailed pictures below and remember, it seems Wal-Mart is the place where you want to be at if you want to catch this giant crab. The price? Just $14.99, not bad at all!

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