2003 collection 1 and 2 first wave

Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Ishi Tib, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Tusken Raider "Tatooine Camp Ambush"

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    Tusken Raider "Tatooine Camp Ambush" #2

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    Tusken Raider "Tatooine Camp Ambush" #3

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    Tusken Raider "Tatooine Camp Ambush" #4

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  6. chris solo

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    New figure line

    Very detailed and informative description. I think these figures look fantastic but I have a few issues.

    Hasbro has a problem lately of giving too much of a spectacular stance with their figures to a point I believe they should be left as a display statue. My 8 year old son enjoys the Ep.1 & 2 figures. I don't find these new figures able to withstand play. They break easier than vintage, have too many ridiculous accessories that get lost, and are quite limited to imaginative use. When I clean out my son's drawer and find a blue electric streak from whoevers finger tips their is no way to tell who it came from. Mind you alot of these new figures are beautiful, but they should be designed for their purpose... children.

    I prefer the concept of vintage. The figures stood well, came basically with 1 accessory, and almost any figure could fit into any pilot chair of any vehicle leaving children the ability to create their own story line. This concept is educational and handy for kids with a limited collection (Walrusman driving an AT-AT).

    The Star Wars action figure line would be better if Hasbro combined the simplicity of vintage with the detail of modern. They should bring back fabric capes, reduce the accessories, and redesign the articulation ability of the joints. If they do this and incorperate the modern use of chains (Tusken w/Massiff), the attention to detail, and the quality of paint and shading they would have a better multi-use product instead of a semi-poseable statue.
  7. CoruscantCosta

    CoruscantCosta Ewok Cheif

    Arent children meant to lose little items like that? I dont know.

    But, for all of us that keep our figures carded (and loose), I think the saga figures were really great.

    And, I have never seen a SW figure break in my entire life. Except for when my dog ripped off all of gasganos arms.

    I dont see what your complaining about really. Although I do hate all of the stupid protruding knobs that give the figure stupid moves.
  8. Ishi Tib

    Ishi Tib New Recruit

    Well, it seems that Hasbro is actually listening to all the complaints we've given about useless action features incorporating distracting levers and wheels and taking away the overall aesthetics of a sculpt.

    Collection 1 has been mainly responsible for putting out all these "fantastic" action features?? but this will end starting with "Luke Skywalker" Throne Room wave, due out sometime in August, and will focus then more on Clone Wars, the new E.U concept.

    Whether or not Clone Wars will offer such unpleasant gadgetry is unknown, but as far as for the rest of 2003 is concerned, we will not be seeing them anymore, at least not as part of Collection 1 and the characters seen in the films. Hopefully the Clone Wars line will offer a more classic, less extreme look.

    Another sign of relief seems to be coming from the pictures of future product circulating the Net. You'll notice that after "Wheelbarrow Mace" (as I like to call the Windu figure with wheel on his back), not too many figures are sporting protruding action pieces. So I'm keeping my hopes up.

    Collection 2 will continue with figures from the films, offering lots of detail and articulation combined with an authentic look. Now, we have seen the addition of designed bases given to this particular collection and in my opinion, I see it as a great idea; we not only get a well balanced stand for those figures needing support but, we are also getting a realistic piece of their environment. Combine several of them together and, bang! we've created a small diorama. I'm also looking forward to less noticeable articulation. A good pair of examples can be taken from figures already in existance: Rebel Fleet Trooper and Imperial Officer; they offer plenty of articulation, keep a classic look and their movement is prefectly desguised within the body of the sculpt

    Although I agree with Chris Solo on the majority of his issues, when it comes to a figure breaking easily, I'm going to have to disagree. I have a 4 year old with a vast amount of these figures and truly, they become crash test dummies in his hands; so far not a single one has broken. So CoruscantCosta is right on that one. Only my Chow-Chow was able to break my Mon Mothma and Kit Fisto under the pressure of his teeth. Also long exposure to extreme weather conditions, too hot or too cold, can have an influence over the resistance of the plastic.

    One thing I have noticed, though, is that figures with lots of articulation come apart quiet easily, due in great part to weak connecting pegs (peg smaller than corresponding opening) or soft nature of the material used for instance.

    Lightening effects, firing effects and other "glamorous" additions representing action, I've always seen them as unnecessary and leave very little room for imaginative use. Few, very few figures actually look good having them on, and in most cases all they do is bend the weapon or extremity they're placed on. My Imperial Guard for example, ended up with a curved force pike after only a week of holding the lightening effect and my Yoda has never been able to hold the piece of base within his "force powers" without this effect completely bending down. So as far as FXs go, I feel we can truly deal well without them.

    We also need to keep in mind, that a toy that "does something" is definitely an attractive piece for youngsters and therefore a good bait to get kids to bite into. I believe Hasbro, has been trying to please kids and collectors thus is understood that the final product of a given toy may or may not be appealing to everyone.

    Thanks for the kind words and comments to both of you.
  9. Ishi Tib

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