whats your thoughts on the following


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what is your thoughts on the new TIE Interceptor
I like it alot its really my first big Vechile besides the Action fleet few years back I dont really see why everyone is complaining about the Figure it comes with its nice and all but when i touched its head it didnt wobble alot like i thought it would as i heard here and few other online forums
but I sorta dislike the hatch on top it seems sorta flemsy and feels like it could break or something:(
but overall I like it alot looks great with my collection and sitting in my room

and also what does everyone think of the Interactive Yoda?
I think it is pretty cool. and how he interacts with the lightsaber it comes with. but my only complaint is some of the patterns you have to do are confusing and right when you do one action
you have to do another one and it seems like you dont have very much time between the two but oh well it was worth it:)