What would be your top 5 all time dream jobs?


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This is an easy pick.... My top 5, (1 being the uber' job of all time) dream job list:

5/ Sculpter at camp McFarland
4/ Model maker at ILM
3/ To learn from and work with Dennis Muren and Rick Baker
2/ Tippett Studio BOOYA!
1/ To learn from the master... Ultimate job.... :worship: Stan Winston Studio:worship:


I don't know about anyone else, but my 'dream' job would be somewhere in a galaxy far, far away....

5) Imperial Officer
4) Bounty Hunter
3) Jedi Knight
2) Pod Racer

And there can be no better job than this...

1) Dance Instructor at Jabba's Palace

I'll even offer the worst five jobs.

5) Imperial Officer that screws up
4) Bad Dancer at Jabba's Palace
3) Construction worker on Death Star during Battle of Endor
2) Water purification worker on Dagobah

Here it is - the worst of all...

1) Ice Cream vendor on Hoth

Sorry, I don't think that was the intended focus of this thread. :angel:



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Top 5 dream jobs!

1. successful movie actress
2. writer for Jane magazine
3. alternative rock DJ
4. Ewan McGregor's personal assistant
5. late-night talk show host...like Dave or Conan!


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OK, here are my top 5 "dream jobs" with 1 being the most desired job of all.

5) Rock Star
4) Actor
3) MLB player
2) NHL player
1) George Lucas' Smithers

As you can tell I am starving for attention. :winknudge

Love me, love me :love:


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In my next life!

My top dream job is to hit the Powerball and have NO JOB! :satan:
But I guess that I'd better get in line or get tossed off the thread.

1. Being in Ewan McGregor's shoes when making "In the Eye of the Beholder".
2. Being a Death Star Trooper on Death Star III
3. Standing next to General Veers during the Battle of Hoth
4. Being on R&R and not standing next to Gen Veers during the destruction of the Death Star
5. Talon's Business Manager@ 20%



Geez, ace and WW, you guys are uncovering alot of dustcovered threads. I wonder what ever happened to some of these old regulars that have disappeared?

I suppose I'm long overdue for what I would list as real top job choices, even though they may be somewhat controversial ;)

5. Rock Star
4. Action Movie Star
3. George Lucas' Script Editor :D
2. Party Host of an Exotic Resort

1. The Casting Agent Who Must Test the Talent Level of Female Leads in the Adult Film Industry :dance:


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1. LucasArts game tester.
2. Random House Star Wars novel proof reader
3. LucasFilm movie test viewer
4. Hasbro product tester
5. Apple Computers hardware and software tester



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