What is your rarest SW item?


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My rare item....

the pride and joy of my tiny collection is a RC'd, LS Obi-Wan (full body shot), signed by Sir Alec Guiness.:vader:
I also have an unpunched ROTJ Weequay signed by uncle George.:rockon:

Actually, now that I think of it... I love all my stuff! But it has always been a constant reminder that I need to get out more!:evil:


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Rare Ones!

Wish I had some Vintage rares.....or signed cards by the actors before they passed on. Great score!


I do have three rares that I enjoy keeping:
12" Snowtrooper w/Blue Highlights
SOTE Re-tooled Vader GC
Weequay on Freeze Frame



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well the rarest thing i got is the memorys from a kid when i saw star wars for the first time. second whould have to be my sandtrooper on dewback statuette and third is the custom figure of me a friend made for me


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Well I do have a lot of memories that I cherish but I guess that doesn't cut it.
I have a POTJ Chewie Mech. that I had autographed for my son by Peter Mayhew. I also had the pleasure of meeting and having my pic taken with Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Richard Leparmentier (Admiral Motti), William Hootkins (Jek Porkins), and Mike Edmonds (Logray & Ugnaught). Sadly I missed out on Phil Brown (Uncle Owen). I don't know why but I didn't even get a pic with him.


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FF Weequay's... Snowtrooper w/blue highlights... memories... Meeting the stars of SW.... These are a all mega cool things you guys have! Very cool indeed! I wish I could meet the SW actors... Now that would be sweet! But, they would have to be able to find Edmonton in order to visit!:D Better hurry... It's igloo building season here!:p :cflag:

But I would have to agree with xwing25 about the memories! I LOVED THE 70's! There was just something about that era that kicked! It's hard to put into words.


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Favorite Item

I would have to say that my most treasured item in my collection would be my "Classic Edition 4-Pack". It is a very nice piece that every collector should have in his or her collection. I managed to pick-up mine off eBay a few years ago for only $25US. It is not a bad deal for 4 cool figures and a neat box.

The only other cool/odd thing in my collection is my Orange Carded R2 with a hologram. Found it at Wal-Mart when the Freeze Frames first came out. It is quite interesting.


My favourite hands down would be my autographed ESB carded Boba Fett signed and personalized to me by Mr. Fett himself, Jeremy Bulloch. I have other autographed toys too, but that's my only vintage one, and it means the most to me.



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The Sw piece that stands out the most would be the Episode I soda cooler that came from Japan. It's in the shape of an ATT (the transport that carried the battle droids). I bought it from a guy in Japan. It's pretty coole looking. Other than that I would have to say the Vader and Obi-Wan lightsaber from Icons.

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It's probably not rare but i like it.. my boxed vintage mini rige sail barge has the decals instructions and ads too!:cflag: :vader:


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My rarest would have to be my vinal caped jawa or my 12" IG88 both from when I was a kid. I was smart and kept them all :D

My fav would have to be my 12" Luke Wampa my wife surprised me with for Christmas two years ago.

I love looking at all my figures and ships, brings back so many memories. :p

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