Watto's Lotto raffle thread.


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congrats !!!! (maybe he'll forget to check and we all have another chance...he he he, I can wish, can't I?)


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Thanks everyone my son is going 2 be so excited when he opens the gift 4 x-mas once again thank you all!!!! The Bothan Spy rocks!! so do all the members!!!
Well, it looks like those poor, starving, homeless kids down at the orphanage won't be getting thier Star Wars figures. ;)
No Toys for Tots this year. :crying:

Congrats mynock!:hello:
Congratulations mynock11 !

Congratulations mynock11 !

I love these giveaways that The Bothan Spy give us. I am looking forward to this year's Bothan Spy's Christmas Giveaway.


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Congrats to the winner. I've got to find these contests earlier, so I will have a better chance of winning.


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I think the assumption is that since we have done special giveaways in the past for xmas that we will be doing so again this year.

I'm sure i can put something together but i doubt it will be anywhere near as big as last year.