Watto's Lotto 10-22-2003

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«This week's prizes:«
#45 Ephant Mon Jabba's Head of Security «
#46 Teemto Pagalies Pod Racer «
#47 Jango Fett Slave I Pilot «
#48 Destroyer Droid «
#49 Clone Trooper Republic Gunship Pilot «
#50 Watto Mos Espa Junk Dealer «
#51 Lott Dod Neimoidian Senator «
#52 Tusken Raider with Massiff «
#53 Yoda with Council Chair «
#54 Rebel Trooper«
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Curses! Phoe beat me again. WC is gonna have to stop IMing you when she's updating Watto's Lotto.

Anyways, my pick is still 627.

Maybe I missed it somewhere in the hallowed halls of the TBS forums, but was it mentioned anywhere that it was wookiee_cookiee's birthday last Saturday? If not, let's all wish her a Happy Belated Birthday, if you didn't do so already. ;)

Not open for further replies.