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Ishi Tib

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Thanks CoruscantCosta for your comments and to be honest with you, I truly feel these forums are 100 times better because of the contributions every one of us make, including you; I'm just glad to be part of this friendly pack :)

As far as the Rebel Fleet Trooper goes, yes, it is a new head sculpt using the exact same body as the one released for the POTJ Line.

The Rebel Trooper's red and black color variants appear to be shipping equally BUT the black hair version seems harder to allocate. They are packed two to a case. The case # is 84861001V COL 2WV1 RATIO 1'03.

The case also brings more figures previously released for the POTJ Line such as the Imperial Officer. The officer, just like the Rebel, sports a new head sculpt and two hair color variants, black and blonde; he is, although, short packed at this time as one to a case. As soon as I can get these versions I will post pictures here.

This case also brings Eeth Koth and Teebo, the exact same figures as offered with POTJ with absolutely no changes as far as sculpt goes. The only one difference is that Teebo now comes packed with his accessories separately "trayed" within the blister. These two figures are packed two of each to a case.

The remaining figures and their ratio are:

Padme Amidala "Droid Factory Chase" x2
Tusken Raider "Camp Ambush" x2
SP-4 & JN-66 "Research Droids" (2-pack) X1

I hope the explanation updates your collecting thirst for 2003 :)