Toronto Toy Show


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The Toronto Toy & Doll Collectors' Show is comming up. Its on Sunday November 18 at the International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd., Mississauga, Ontario. It runs from 10am - 4pm. Admission is Adults $9, Seniors $7 and Kids 6-16 is $4 and under 6 is free. Hope this helps.:cflag:


Decent show

Got to the Toronto show yesterday, where I had the pleasure of meeting Drgonzo70. Great guy. That is, until he swiped a couple of figs from me! You enjoying your Gunner, dude? :satan:

Seriously, he is a great guy. I just hope I didn't bore him with my rambling.

Not many dealers with a lot of SW, but those that did had a fair amount. Both of us managed to pick up a few items for our collections.

I wouldn't usually mention this, but I had to tell people about it. One dealer was blowing out vintage SW like a madman! Gonzo snagged a carded Imperial Gunner for about $50 U.S. Amazing! He sold a loose Amanaman for about the same price. One guy bought four carded figs, including two POTF for about $200 U.S. I just had to tel everyone about this guy! I hope I see this guy at the next show.

Anyway, that's it. Talk to you all soon in the chat room I hope.



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Hey I guess I missed you guys.
That Vintage guy was great, really nice.
I was the one who bought the loose Amanaman, wish I had more money to spend.
Thanks for the tip on the show drgonzo70


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Hey Brian, I think that the next one is in april but I don't have a date yet. Yeah too bad I miss you, maybe next time we should car pool, I sure HunterCJ would want to go too, he couldn't get the time off for this one. And Barada ofcourse I am enjoying the Gunner:satan: , how's your Han Carb? Too bad about the Romba, that dealer really should have held it for you. And no you didn't bore me. Barada is a cool guy too.