Titanitum series vehicles

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Is it just me, or are the little Titanium series vehicles being made even worse?? The original MicroMachines were great, and the Titanium series started off (mostly) okay, but they seem to be becoming more and more plasticky looking and less detailed with each new release ... plus the usual Hasbro trick of releasing re-painted versions of the same thing.

I saw the Twilight starship in a shop today - it looked awful and not really like the one in the TV show / movie. :(


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I've got mixed feelings about this line. From the start I've never been impressed with the value for the price point, even when they were the micro-machines die cast line. Some of the sculpts are pretty nice.....for example I like the new Nu-Class Republic Assault Shuttle.....I'm thinking abou picking one of those up. I like the fact that they put out vehicles we otherwise would not get (Twilight, Nu Shuttle, Neimoidian Shuttle, AT-OT (?), etc). The new jedi starfighters with huge triple hyperspace engines from ROTS are bulky and neat. But all the repaints start to drag me down....if it weren't for websites pointing out the new releases, I wouldn't even know some of them were new.

As for plastic....I'm also disappointed with the amount of plastic they use. As Hasbro has pointed out in various Q&As....they learned the heard way that there is only so much you can do with die-cast, especially in that small size. That's why some are mostly plastic. I'm cool with that, but they should have dropped the die-cast pretense and lowered the price too.

Latest word is that Hasbro is shelving this line after this year. I'm happy about that. Less repaints on the pegs, and an opportunity for me to pick up the ones I like....hopefully on clearance. And with the line cancelled, that give the opportunity to try and get a complete set one day.

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It's not just the Titaninum vehicles either. I'm almost certain that the British Matchbox cars used to be better made and have more detail in the "good ol' days" too :( ... maybe we're just getting too old for toys ... nah, that can't be it. ;)