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Ok, here is the official TBS thread for my fave show *The Office*. :)

I was reading some quotes and was wondering if anyone else was watching.

Dwight's blog on the official site is hilarious!! ;) I <3 him.


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Dwight: Let me describe the perfect date: I take her out to a nice dinner. She looks amazing. Some guy tries to hit on her... now he wants to fight- so I grab him- I throw him into the jukebox! Then the other ninja’s got a knife, he comes at me, we grapple, I turn his knife on him. Blood on the dance floor. She’s scared now. I take her home. I’m holding her in my arms. I reach in for a kiss... I hear something in the leaves, I flip her around, she gets a poison arrow right in her back. She was in on it the whole time... but I knew.

Michael: Ryan's about to attend the Michael Scott School of Business. I'm like... Mr. Miyagi and Yoda, rolled into one.

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This is another one of those weird instances where a show is taken across the atlantic and kind of screwed up. I wasn't a fan of the original, so no biggie to me.

What they did to 'Cracker' however, should be paid for in hell! He can't smoke, doesn't swear and isn't half as surly etc in the US version - all the things that made the original character as good as it was. ho hum.


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I had to tell my DVR not to record the dumb, English version of "The Office"...



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Jim and Dwight were on Ellen today, they had a hilarious dance-off. :)

I liked the British version, especially Gareth. He's such a weasel faced arse!! ;)

But I luv the American version too, I think I like the Dwight/Angela storyline better than the Jim/Pam one. :D They've changed the show enough so it isn't a mirror of the BBC show.


I laughed so hard during last night's episode.


Especially at Ryan's story of the death of his cousin.... Mufasa