The differences between the digital and the non=digital version


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Other than of course the overall quality of the digital version has anyone noticed any differences between the two films?

I noticed that in the digital version, when anakin and padme get married at the end, padme takes both of anakin's hands instead of just the one hand in the non-digital version.

anyone else notice this or any other differences?


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I saw both versions and didn't notice any obvious differences. I had heard that there would be some, so I wouldn't be suprised to find out that there are.

I recall Padme holding Anakin's mechanical hand in both versions of the movie.

Jango's head completely disappeared in both versions as well. :shocked:


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I believe the only difference is the one with the marriage sequence. It's just a slight difference, but its there. Nobody has realy brought up or found anything else yet.