The Death of Shmi

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This is a real unconfirmed rumor but apparently Shmi dies in ATOC at the hands of tusken raiders. Anakin, who is coming back to visit her for the first time since his departure, fights them off but she ends up dieing in his arms. So did you know that one!


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I can't wait to see AOTC. There are so many great rumors going around. Seeing Shmi get wasted by Tuskens would be cool.


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I dunno

I dunno guys. If that happened, do you think Vader would let them live? I'm pretty sure he would've gone... Vader on them all.

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Sorry Membraneman

But it's kinda hard digging up new rumors with Lucas keeping everything so secretive as he always does. I respect that though and wouldn't have it any other way. Imagine if we'd Known Vader was Luke's father before Empire!
And Tristan, I've got to agree with you. That is unless Anakin loses part of his memory or is brain washed by the Emperor after his battle with Obi-wan! That would also explain why he doesn't remember C-3PO in the original trilogy.:idea:


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That spoiler has been on the internet for ages. More than a half year ago. But did you know that lannakin and padme are getting married without the jedi-councile knowing. The decoy of the queen get's killed and one the clones in the film aren't evil. They are on the good side. They fight against the super battle droids and about 10 000 jedi knights dies. queen amidalas new bodyguard is captain typho. Joda is figthting the new villain, Count doku and that boba fett is only a clone of Jango Fett. Grate smiley face :vader:


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I like the rumor about Aurra Sing killing Shmi,but we already have 2 new bounty hunters in the film,Jango Fett and Zam Wessel!