TBS mod places in Ms. Star Wars 2010 contest


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The Bothan Spy moderator wookiee_cookiee was named 1st runner up at the 2010 Ms. Star Wars contest at All-Con in Dallas on Saturday, March 13.

Contestants competed in several categories including Star Wars Jeopardy!, identifying the SW movie based on the characer's outfit, and a demonstration of how each contestant would take out Jar-Jar Binks.


The contestants waited for the winner to be announced:


Sandra (AT-AT driver) was named 2nd runner up and Amber (pink wig) was named Ms. Star Wars 2010!

wookiee_cookiee was named 1st runner up and received a Gentle Giant Princess Leia mini bust, and a trophy!


Ms. Star Wars 2011 will take place at All-Con Dallas the weekend of March 18-20!


Buzz Bumble

Furry Ewok
Wow! Second out of five entries. ;)

Congratulations. That's rather a unique item to add to your Star Wars collection (assuming you get to keep the trophy and not hand it back next year).