SW Ornaments at Lowe's


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So I was at Lowe's yesterday (buying topsoil to sandbag my garage with) and I saw they have a small Xmas section. They had 4 different SW ornaments available to buy, all were about $6 each.

3 blown glass ornaments:
C-3PO & R2
Yoda (I think :p )

Set of plastic ship minis. This pack had 4-5 ships in it, similar in size and detail to micro-machines, only with sculpted backgrounds. They looked pretty okay. Included AT-AT, Slave I w/clouds, Falcon, Vader's TIE w/Death Star. Umm...I think an X-Wing too.

All said, nice ornaments for the price. I might go back and pick em up.


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i have seen the same ornaments at target .... they have the mini vehicles set, several sets that include a character head along with a mini movie poster, individual character ornaments and a yoda snow globe. from the looks of the layout, they will have glass blown ornaments as well as a few more. i am going to guess that these are the same ornaments or made by the same company.

i check my walmart and they had the same individual character ornaments that target had but none of the other stuff that i found at target. they were just setting up the aisle and they had a photo of what the aisle should look like when they're done and i saw no evidence thet they will be including the other ornaments. they did have chocolate empire ornaments though.... they look just like the figure from the 2packs but just a bigger scale.

one thing to note, the individual character ornaments that walmart had were priced 50cents more than target.